The Future of EA Sports FC and the Next FIFA Franchise

EA Sports FIFA 22

When it comes to soccer video games, one game, in particular, should and typically does spring into mind, EA Sports FIFA. While Pro Evolution Soccer, now eFootball, has always provided a sense of competition to FIFA, for the best part of 30 years, EA Sports FIFA dominated the soccer gaming market worldwide. However, EA Sports and the licensing team at FIFA (the world of soccer’s official governing body) have failed to reach an agreement in terms of game production, after FIFA 2023.

Can EA Sports FC fully replace EA Sports FIFA

As always with FIFA games, they are released during the conventional European soccer season, with FIFA 23 set to be released worldwide at the end of September 2022. This means the transition from EA Sports FIFA to both entities producing new two separate soccer games, is imminent. Especially popular are the sales of video games and e-sports in soccer during the World Cup 2022 betting including free bets.

Many can on speculate as to how both institutions in the esports world will fare. Plenty of negotiations appear to be taking place behind the scenes. EA Sports has long produced sports games worldwide and FIFA is just one of many games thew publishing giant placed on the market. However, without the backing of FIFA in terms of official licensing and player access, they may have to fight a little harder to secure all of the rights they need.

That said, EA Sports are at the very forefront of graphics and gameplay in the esports world. This means they will have an army of fans that move over with them, once the split takes place after FIFA 23 is released. In direct response to EA Sports announcing they would produce their own soccer game in EA Sports FC, FIFA made it clear the company intends to continue producing their flagship game. FIFA 24 is expected to hit the market in just over 12 months’ time.

Experts predict FIFA will have the opposite problem in many ways as EA Sports FC in terms of player access, licensing, and graphics. Regardless of how the seemingly acrimonious split pans out, having two soccer games on the market yields a new era for soccer gamers, which promises to be very exciting.

As previously alluded to, the FIFA gaming franchise has held the monopoly on all soccer gaming across the world for nearly 30 years meaning some change could be what the market needs.

However, there are plenty of purists out there who are devastated to see a break up of two soccer gaming institutions in EA Sports and FIFA, with change often being one of the hardest things to stomach. Regardless of how the future pans out in the soccer gaming sphere for EA Sports and FIFA, the final offering of FIFA 23 marks the end of a golden generation for soccer gaming fans and it remains to be seen which institution will carry the can moving forward.

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