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Super Mario Huddle: Mario Football Game Teased By Fan

Super Mario Huddle

Mario has many iterations across several genres in his lifetime. On the sports front he’s played tennis, soccer, basketball, and baseball. Hell, he’s even gone to the Olympics with Sonic. However, he’s never played football. Which makes the images that Redditor SyBro posted this week so tantalizing. A Mario football game would be so much fun.

SyBro calls his fictional game Super Mario Huddle, and it clearly takes some cues from colorful NFL games like NFL Blitz and NFL Street.

As he describes, the star characters from Mario’s history would all play quarterbacks, each with their own unique ability.

A couple of his suggestions include:

  • I’m thinking of a Burning Bullet Pass for Mario, which can shove, like, one opponent out of its way to get to the receiver.
  • Bowser Jr. could use his Clown Car ejection as in his ‘Up B’ form SSB, to avoid getting sacked and to be able to place a clean shot from above.
  • then you have the Wall-Luigi to block a path for your Running Back, Wario’s fart for Pocket Presence, Diddy Kong’s banana-curved throw.

All solid ideas. SyBro didn’t just suggest skillshots, he also had gamemode ideas.

Classic 11 v 11, arcade style gameplay

Item based 6 v 6. Bringing the question-boxes and having receivers and running backs hit them through route running, or defenders from sacking the QB or perhaps intercepting the ball.

There’s more, check out his Imgur or Reddit posts for the full breakdown.

All we know is that we desperately want this game to exist now.

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