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Super Mega Baseball 2 Art Reveal

Art Reveal

In their third reveal video, Metalhead Software gives us a look at the new art in super Mega Baseball 2. The art reveal goes of a few major things players will notice off the bat when playing SMB2.

Art Reveal

In SMB2, Metalhead has added a host new parks in addition to upgrading the old ones as well. These upgrades include new lighting, materials, geometric details and proportions to make them feel slightly more realistic. The old parks from SMB1 are said to feature new time-of-day and weather conditions to make them feel fresh.

Due to the new character models and proportions, Metalhead has completely redone nearly all the animations in SMB2. This means new pitching lineups, batting stances and general animations that add a higher sense of athleticism. Furthermore, Metalhead was able to add unique model bases for female and male characters. You will notice distinct differences in things like shoulder and hip width.

That pretty much sums up the art reveal for Super Mega Baseball 2. The game set to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC/STEAM in September 2017. Be sure to stay tuned here at Sports Gamers Online for more updates.

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