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Sports Video Game Memes That Are Still All Too Accurate

It’s hard to imagine social media without memes. These brief jokes present topical up-to-date humor and often convey complex ideas in simplistic manners. Other times, they’re just plain fully satire. Memes exist across many genres and gaming & gambling aren’t exceptions.

Understanding the Funniest Memes in games

Memes parody and provide a comedic satire of everyday gripes many share within their circles. Marketing for Spartan Slots casino and some other related platforms also use them to engage those who commonly embrace memes. Like the “funnies” in your local newspaper, memes are a combination of pictures and text details. Several of these have become synonymous with gaming in today’s landscape for sports games.

Money over quality

NBA 2K Sports

As money-grabbing trends increase, many gamers have come to notice the commitment to meeting sponsorship requires versus delivering on game necessities. The meme above refers to an in-game store with NBA 2K which see regularly updated lines of character clothing and accessories. While content updates are great, for many, these sort of things should have been given less a priority. This is especially true when many issues plague general gameplay across the board. Of course, we are not privy to the inner workings of 2K, but the resulting work leaving many wanting.

Lack of innovation

EA Sports has arguably had a monopoly on American football for some time. And with little competition in the genre, many have argued its flagship series has more or less gotten stale. The unfortunate part is this is not unique to Madden. Many series like past WWE games and NBA 2K have all been faced with the same criticisms. As shown in the meme above, all the games leading up to the most recent pretty much feel the same. Often this is in terms of both good and bad traits, with Madden taking the brunt of the criticism for its lack of innovation in the Franchise mode.

Missing content

On the other side of the fence is a phenomenon many wish would go away. Again, not unique to EA Sports, but many long standing annual series have a period of time where certain features or content inclusions simply go missing. Take WWE 2K22′s removal of the Advanced Entrance creator, although that has been explained recently by the developers. Still, many of the titles add new features that many argue they can live without, especially if it comes at the expense of another favored feature.

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