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MLB The Show 17: The Basics of Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty

As the build up to the release of MLB The Show 17 continues, Sony has released a brand new video detailing one of the biggest features of the game, Diamond Dynasty.

Diamond Dynasty 101 explains the three major aspects of the mode: building, collecting and playing.

Fans can create a team that looks exactly how they want, feels how they want and plays how they want. Rewards come via in-game purchases, playing games and completing various tasks.

Once again, there are a number of different modes to play within Diamond Dynasty itself. After a successful debut in MLB The Show 16, Conquest and Battle Royale return alongside head-to-head seasons and single CPU games. Each mode will help unlock different items to utilize in the game.

One major standout from the above video is the new loading screen that shows players what cards an opponent is using before even loading into the game. This will ultimately help with in-game strategies as the games progress.

MLB The Show 17 launches March 28 for PlayStation 4.

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