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The Benefits of EA Access and Origin Subscriptions

According to the reviews and comments of many customers, the vast majority of college students enjoy spending their free time playing Xbox or PC games. Moreover, some of them are constantly looking for relevant proessaywriting reviews in order to get side assistance with their assignments and have extra time to enjoy their favorite game. With the rapid development of the online market, an increasing number of entertainment solutions have become available.

Electronic Arts is a highly demanded company that provides users with exclusive Xbox One, PC, and PS 4 games. An unlimited assortment, affordable subscription, convenient functions and a variety of other features make the platform exceptionally popular. If you strive to immerse yourself in the field of video games and get an opportunity to enjoy one anytime you need, have a look at the key subscriptions EA offers.

EA Access Subscription: Key Features and Advantages

Irrespective of the games you enjoy, you do not have to pay for every of them, as you can obtain a beneficial subscription, which will offer the best items at a reasonable monthly cost. The subscription is available for the owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with few differences. Although it is offered at a reasonable cost, a video game player should weigh all the pros and cons of the offer, primarily to getting one.

  • Unlimited assortment. From the variety of significant advantages of the EA Access subscription, the wide array of available video games remains crucial. Currently, there are more than 50 different titles in the Xbox One vault, which means the subscribers can download them and play favorite games for free. At the same time, it is indispensable to emphasize that the EA Access subscription has numerous restrictions, specifically on how far you can progress in the game and how long you can play. Nonetheless, those who have EA Access membership can enjoy a new game approximately five days before its release.
  • Competitive cost. This is probably one of the most significant points that help people make the right choice. An ES Access subscription will cost $4.99 a month on PS4 and Xbox One. Additionally, when you purchase a new game, you are usually offered a 10% discount on the future membership. In fact, it means that you can enjoy the first month for free. Later, you can choose between a monthly or yearly subscription. The last one will cost you $29.99, which will make playing affordable and cost-effective.  Apart from the reasonable costs, it is inevitable to mention convenient payment methods that are used to cover the monthly payments.
  • Online and offline items. EA Access subscription owners have absolutely beneficial opportunities to play video games online or download the best ones and enjoy them offline. Just make your choice and take maximum advantage of the experience. Irrespective of minor challenges you may face, as you start using the subscription, you will still have a chance to access the best games both online and offline.

Are you ready to relish a fun and interesting experience? Talk to the representatives of the myassignmenthelp to make sure your hobby will not affect your academic success. Remember that you get unlimited access to favorite games, so you need to set proper priorities and play video games in your free time.

EA Origin Access Subscription: Main Specifications and Benefits

Apart from the advantageous EA Access subscription, devoted and ambitious video game players also have an opportunity to get maximum advantage of Origin Access. However, it is inevitable to compare both options before you make the final choice. Just remember college years, when you were searching for a relevant speedypaper review every time you had to deliver a quality essay. The same principle works here, as you need to find out the most important features and learn comments about every type of subscription before choosing one.

Contrary to the EA Access subscription, Origin Access is offered for PC users. There are three main benefits that will contribute to your desire to get a membership.

  • Early access to new games. There is nothing more exciting for a video game player than an opportunity to access a game that has not been released yet. Well, the Origin Access subscribers will get such a chance. Irrespective of some limitations and restrictions, the games will be available at least 3-5 days before the official release.
  • Reasonable costs. Be ready to spend $5/month for the unlimited advantages and unique features available in the subscription. Additionally, a 10% discount will contribute to the cost-efficiency of the offer.
  • Unlimited access to old EA games. If new games are not released, the players will have an opportunity to enjoy the older ones, both online and offline.

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