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The Best FIFA 18 Features To Look Forward To

Immersive Atmospheres FIFA 18

Every year EA Sports comes up with a new version of their soccer management franchise, FIFA. The title encourages players to engage with the game, form their teams, and develop profiles for the purpose of having fun and, important for a lot of players, bragging rights. FIFA 18 has graced the virtual soccer world where players can expect to get a lot more features than what they have on FIFA17, which was already very good. It is with this that expectations are high on what is good with the new version and how it will improve their gaming experience. The following features are the ones that stand out the most in FIFA 18:

Live substitution capabilities

Previously, you had to stop the game in order to make a substitution, which was a itb cumbersome, also considering that you had a time limit to work on your team. As the controller of the game, it is wise to make a substitution either to change your lineup or to substitute tired players. You have to pick who on either the defense, midfield or forward to substitute and manually pick the players to replace him. Luckily, with FIFA 18, you can do this after the ball is out for a free throw or when a player has been injured. This saves time and keeps the play intact throughout the match, not to mention that it will be much more comfortable, especially in tight games.

High quality graphics, sounds, and animations

With FIFA 2018, it will be easier to see the players as they appear in real life. Just to do an example, if Wayne Rooney is brought down, he will go down in pain as he always does in the field in EPL, real-life action. Definitely, you should start by understanding betting odds before you move to wager on your next match. Apart from that, the Wayne Rooney of FIFA 18, which of course will play for Everton and not for Manchester United after his move last July, will have the same run as that one of the real life on the field.

Clinical finishes

It’s great to make some acrobatic moves on the field when scoring, isn’t it? It could be a long range kick to the goal or a volleyball kick. Or what about a perfect bicycle? In any case, it adds value and makes the match more interesting for the player. In the case of FIFA 18, the game offers a chance to make such moves on the field. You can score incredible goals with this add-on feature which gives you a livelier experience to look forward to in your next matchup.

Better play on the field

Sometimes, the movement of the players and the ball while playing FIFA seems a bit too static. For example, when you want to dribble or make a pass to another player on your team, the ball movement is not too natural. FIFA 18 has great improvements when it comes to this aspect of the gameplay. You will be able to send a pass to a player in a more natural way. When you compare it with FIFA 17, the latter does not provide that natural feel when dribbling with the ball and considering the overall movement of the player on the field.

The atmosphere

In real life, when you are watching a football match at Wembley, it will be very different from when you are watching, for example, at Stamford Bridge. FIFA 18 puts that into consideration. The fans at the stadium are what make the football atmosphere to be what it is. With FIFA 2018, you will be able to take that atmosphere with you, which adds a lot to the excitement and thrill of the game while you are playing with your favorite team. In short, the new version provides you with an experience more similar to watching the game at the stadium, in person.

FIFA 2018 will be released on September 29 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Those who preorder the game will be able to start playing three days earlier.


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