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The Developers Behind Rocket League Figured Out Cross-Network Play

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There’s been lots of talk surrounding PlayStation and Xbox players connecting for online play recently, with Rocket League developers Psyonix stating that cross-network play is one of the most requested features for the game, and Microsoft inviting Sony to join them. It’s a hot topic. Xbox and PC users have been able to play together since the Xbox 360, and the same goes for Sony with games dating back to the PlayStation 2.

But never before have Microsoft and Sony cooperated to allow cross-network play between Xbox and PlayStation. That might soon change, provided Sony agrees to Microsoft’s offer to let it happen. Rocket League has long offered cross-platform support between PC and console players, but now they’re pushing to including cross-platform support between consoles.

Judging by the latest news from Psyonix, it might soon come to fruition. That is, if Microsoft and Sony allow it. In an interview with GameSpot published yesterday, Psyonix discussed the reality of bridging the consoles. As it turns out, they’ve figured it out and well on track. The only thing stopping them is Microsoft and Sony.

It’s just a matter of waiting now. If you’d asked anyone whether or not they thought PlayStation and Xbox gamers would be able to play with each other at the end of last year, nobody would have thought the idea stood a chance. But thanks to Microsoft and Rocket League, it just might. Still, probably best not to get our hopes up.

Would you like to see cross-network play? Let us know in the comments.

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