People quickly discount Armor Piercing rounds for anything outside of PVP but the reality is that they are immensely helpful for certain parts of the game.

For example take the parts of VoG that mobs spawn in a hall/tunnel and come out at you – such as the gatekeeper phase. Though you can see the Vex eyes / core before they come out of the tunnel you cannot shoot them and they cannot shoot you. With armor piercing rounds you can shoot the mobs before they come out and start shooting at you. On top of that it’s generally very easy to hit them in their weak spot because they’re walking at you in a straight line and the rounds will go through multiple mobs because they’re all lined up.

Pro-Tip: shoot at tunnel-spawning mobs with armor piercing rounds before they come through the invisible wall and start shooting at you.

I’ve been messing around with this for a while just to make sure, but weapons with armor piercing, not only pierce through enemies, but walls too, with no damage dropoff. Been using it in PvE, PvP, Strikes, Raids, etc. I can pop behind cover and shoot through it, hitting my target each time, and even more. It does NOT shoot through Defender shields, or Phalanx shields.  I know for a fact this works with Sniper Rifles and Handcannons.

Here’s a video of it in PvP:



Here is a list of known weapons with Armor Piercing Rounds:

Crusader I
Doctor Nope
Shadow Price
Bad Juju
Corrective Measure
The Infinite Theorem


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