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Tour de France 2017 Announced For PS4 & Xbox One

Tour de France 2017

Focus Home Interactive has announced that Tour de France 2017 will be released in June on PS4 and Xbox One.

PC gamers will enjoy an updated version of the publisher’s main title, Pro Cycling Manager 2017.

Playing the title, you will be able to become a true rider of La Grande Boucle: you can attack, give orders to your teammates, or choose the best trajectory. But also manage your stamina and make the decisions that will lead your team to the top of the standings.

You will be able to race in either real-time speed, or use an accelerator up to 16x speed. It is also possible to decide to skip entire stages. You will race the real Tour de France stages, or perhaps will try your luck in one of the Tour de France backdrops like the Critérium du Dauphiné.

Pro Cycling Manager 2017 (PC only) will feature more than 200 competitions and 500 total stages in all over the world. Included are, among the others, the Tour de France and Spain’s La Vuelta.

There is no further information on the exact release date or regarding the titles’ pricing.

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