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UFC 3 Live Tuner Update – 1/30/18


With UFC 3 set to release in a few days on February 2nd the developers have put out a live tuner update to improve gameplay based upon their metrics and community feedback. You can find the changes below:

Gameplay Changes
  • Increase long term stamina loss inflicted on opponent when striking to the body while grappling to make it net profitable
  • Slightly decrease long term stamina cost of grappling in general to counter balance

Move Set Updates

Bobby Green
+Back Oblique Kick

Choi Doo-Ho
+Lead Roundhouse Head
+Back Roundhouse Head

Conor McGregor
+Lead Side Kick Body

Minotauro Nogueria
+Clinch Attempt Double Under
-Back Roundhouse Head
+Submission Dom Crucifix_Americana
+Transition Dom Sidecontrol To Crucifix

Robert Whittaker
+Lead Roundhouse Head

Thomas Almeida
+Lead Flying Double Knee Head
+Back Spinning Elbow

Carlos Condit
+Added Submission Rubber Guard Omoplata
+Added Transition Guard To Rubber Guard

Charles Oliveira
+Added Submission Clinch Dom Thai Flying Guillotine

Daniel Cormier
+Added Submission Ground Dom Backside Bulldog

Perk Changes

Anthony Johnson
+Game Changer Level 5

Choi Doo-Ho
+Wakeup Call Level 3

Minotauro Nogueria
-Off The Back
+Dirty Boxer Level 2
+Guard Specialist Level 4

Nick Diaz
-Carved of Wood
+Fluidity Level 3

Raphael Assuncao
+Tree Chopper Level

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