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UFC 3 First Look Details Breakdown

As scheduled, EA Sports released a quick first look at the upcoming UFC 3. The reveal feature a gameplay trailer some follow up details on a new game engine and new modes. Earlier, we looked at some things you should expect from EA’s first look and on some accounts, they delivered.

UFC 3 First Look Details

Real Player Motion

EA Sports looks to take the UFC franchise to the next level. The new gameplay trailer touches the surface of a few things to look forward to in this year’s game.

First, you’ll notice the trailer focuses its highlight on combo attacks, smooth movements and crispy technique transitions. EA Sports is introducing a new technology this year to handle the octagon in UFC 3 called Real Player Motion. RPM promises revolutionary gameplay animation that gives the most fluid and responsive motion yet in franchise history.

UFC 3 is said to sport 5,000 new animations and rebuilt the previous from the ground up. Now, it’ll be easier than ever to string together a lethal set of combinations and transition during the match. Every movement matters as this year’s game looks to bring an entirely new level strategy to the octagon. The new system also goes the extra mile in recreating fighting style of iconic fighters like Georges St-Pierre and cover star Conor McGregor.

RPM upscales the risk vs. reward factor during the fight. Now more than ever, every strike counts in UFC 3. Everything from fighter positioning to missed opportunity factors into the finish of the fight. And thanks to the new animations, fighter will navigate, close gaps and execute technique with near flawless fluidity.

That same fluidity extends into the striking game as well. This year, you’ll have the ability to dish out any strikes while maintaining your momentum. In addition, each fighter comes with their own set of devastating combos to unleash in the octagon. UFC 3 also allows you to throw punches out of slips and lunges in addition to the feint option. By hitting the blocking button, you can open new opportunities to cripple opponents with new counter-attacks and follow ups.

Two Belts, Two Covers

For UFC 3, the only fighter to hold UFC titles in two weight classes simultaneously, Conor McGregor, makes a return as the global cover athlete.

“It’s an honor to be on the cover and I can’t wait to play the game.” – Conor McGregor

The Greatest of All Time

As we predicted before, this year’s game will feature an all new career mode. UFC 3 G.O.A.T career mode will allow players to undertake the full breadth of a fighter’s career. Now, more than ever, behavior outside the octagon matters as much as your ability to fight. Fans will have to make choices to build hype, gain fans, earn cash through big contracts and capture the world’s attention. In addition, UFC 3’s career mode adds a new social media system. Through this system players will be able to establish their own persona and engage in heated rivalries with other fighters.

Taking the Fight Around the World

The action doesn’t stop there. UFC 3 offers a new and more robust suite of multiplayer modes. This includes new iron-man style tournament modes and technique-focused modes like the Stand & Bang, crafted the popular Knockout mode.

Step into the Octagon

UFC 3 will be available February 2 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Be sure to  Pre-order the Champions Edition and receive up to three days early access. Additionally, EA Access members receive a 10 percent discount when they purchase the digital version via Xbox Live.

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