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UFC 4 Wishlist: 7 Things We Want To See

EA Sports UFC 4

Since the series’ debut back in 2014, EA Sports UFC has given fans a mixed bag of results.

While there have been great elements like the game’s visuals and career mode, other aspects of the games have received a fair share of criticism like UFC 2 and 3’s submission system. Though not officially announced, EA Sports UFC 4 is expected to launch sometime in late 2020/early 2021, and there are things we all want to see in the first UFC game we’ll get on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

From improvements to the gameplay to a brand new mode altogether, here are seven things we want to see in UFC 4.

Overhauled Submission System

Since the launch of UFC 2, there have been countless questions about how to find the most success in the submission system. While some, including yours truly, have given the best possible advice out there, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get the hang of it.

In fact, we’re still constantly asked about it years later. The quadrant system sounds like a good idea on paper — and it still could be — but it just doesn’t work in practice right now. It’s shown to be the reason many people have stopped playing the game altogether.

Whether you’re trying to make people tap or break out of a submission, there’s something wrong with a system if people still aren’t getting it when it’s been around for two versions of your game over four years.

Career Mode Press Conferences

Press conferences are some of the most entertaining parts of fight weekend. Seeing fighters answer questions and trash talk the other fighters at the podium is part of the whole spectacle. So, why not bring it into UFC 4’s career mode?

Give players dialogue trees that can change the outcome of events at the conference and impact the mood of the fighters heading into a fight.

Imagine how great it would be if what’s said at a prefight press conference can impact how your AI opponent comes at you during your fight. Maybe you got in their head a bit, leading to hesitation. Or, maybe, you made them so mad that they come at you looking for the quick finish.

We can even see something that sets up a future fight between your fighter and a potential rival. Or, you go ahead and say something that gets you in hot water with management. All of these scenarios have played out in real life, so let’s get it in the virtual world of MMA.

Bring Back Fight Card Results In Career Mode

Back in UFC 2, you were able to see the other fight results on your card in Career mode. For some reason, this was removed from UFC 3.

You ultimately felt like you lived in a career bubble with nothing happening outside of what you were doing. Even in other game career modes, you know what’s happening around you.

In a sport like MMA, that’s a key point of it. You want to know who’s on the rise in your division and who you should keep an eye on. Do you see someone closing on your spot after winning a few fights? Maybe you should be able to challenge them. What about MMA media trying to stir up drama between fighters? The game needs more than just train, fight, and repeat.

Let us actually live the life.

Make Accuracy Matter

Before you go ahead and leave a comment saying accuracy already exists in the game, hear me out. It doesn’t really exist in the way it should.

As it’s stands now, accuracy attributes do more to determine the damage done to an opponent. Even if you put your accuracy down to zero you’ll still find yourself landing your strikes, they just won’t have any power behind them. That’s not really what accuracy should entail.

Going forward, if you have a low accuracy fighter, you should see your punches or kicks missing more often than not. I shouldn’t be able to throw countless punches and still land 85% of them in a fight regardless of the damage it causes. If I have an inaccurate power puncher, I should still get the power when I land a punch, but those punches should be few and far between.

Create-A-Fighter Carryover

This is a smaller want, but something that would be great nonetheless: let players carryover fighters from UFC 3 into UFC 4.

With a minimum of two years — which is something all sports games should start doing — in between most releases in the series, it’s understandable that people have spent a lot of time creating fighters in the EA Sports UFC games. The ability to not have to waste hours of time recreating those same fighters would be a welcomed addition for everyone.

Reduce Backfoot Fighting

Since EA Sports took the UFC license, there has been no benefit to ever putting the pressure on your opponents and making them backpedal. In fact, it can be argued that throwing strikes while backing up is a better strategy because of the limited reductions in power you have while on the backfoot.

In reality, we know that isn’t the case. If you are backpedaling, you aren’t going to have the same reach, power, or accuracy of your strikes. For UFC 4 to really feel authentic in the cage, it needs to find a way to adjust effectiveness when forced to backup.

GM Mode (Management)

We’ve had career mode in every UFC game, now it’s time to add a mode that allows you to take on a Dana White-like role. A management mode that has you in charge of the UFC would add a breath of fresh air to the franchise.

From trying to achieve various objectives for the year to putting together the best fight cards to sell the most tickets, the possibilities are almost endless for a mode like this. Should a rising fighter be given a title shot, or should they continue to prove themselves?

Outside of the cage, you could have to manage the egos and personalities of the fighters. Will you sign a popular fighter to the deal he wants? What about poaching an up-and-comer from a rival promotion? And can you handle all this while also juggling sponsors and outside media?

The UFC series needs something to spark more excitement in the game, and this type of mode could be it.

So Sports Gamers, now we pass the question off too you. What do you want to see from EA Sports UFC 4? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more on the latest UFC video game news.


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