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Universe Mode Wishlist – WWE 2K18

Universe Mode Wishlist

With WWE 2K18 details coming slowly, I figured we’d take a look at a small list of things that would be cool in this year’s game. In universe mode wishlist, I go over a few mechanics I think WWE 2K18 could benefit from. You can watch the video above our just follow the YouTube link. Below you can find a breakdown of the video.

Universe Mode Wishlist

Today, I’m going to be bringing you a new WWE 2K18 Universe Mode wish list. Now, I know 2K has already given a few details of what they hope to bring to the mode this year. However, those details still remain somewhat vague. So, on behalf of Sports Gamers Online, I’m going to give you some ideas I think will help enhance the universe mode and bring some much needed excitement. So, let’s get started.

Open Scheduling

First up, we have open scheduling. 2K has already revealed that scheduling this year will no longer follow the four weeks then a PPV format. They noted it will reflect modern WWE TV schedules. I’m not too sure what that entails. In any case, for true control and customization, every day the week should be allowed to have any format of a show. That includes minor, major and pay-per-view events for all days of the week; Monday through Sunday. In addition, days of the week should also have an option for live house shows. House show events will operate much like pay per view events. The differences being they will have access to only small arenas and will not recur yearly or weekly unless added to do so.

Show Ratings

Next up, is a brand new and revamped ratings system. The 2K series introduced us to match ratings and now we’re going to extend them to show ratings for universe mode. To begin, ratings for matches this year should be harder to obtain but also factor in elements of storytelling. For example, repeat moves should not automatically detract from your overall score. If I hit 50 strikes in one match and 20 of those are knees to the head, it should be counted as a strategy rather than not knowing what else to do. On the contrary, if I hit 50 strikes and all of those are knees to the head then, yes, that should be a penalty.

Show ratings will be an average of all the match ratings for that night. Harder to obtain match ratings will make players really think about how they perform in the ring and how they can vary it up to really get the crowd going in their favor. Show ratings will then dictate how loud crowds get during special events like pay per views and live shows.

Rivalry Objectives

The next thing on the list goes hand-in-hand with the show ratings. Universe mode would greatly benefit from story line objectives in each match. Too often do you play matches in the universe mode and nothing happens in your main rivalries. Furthermore, the best plot points tend to happen only if you simulate matches. This can kill the mood and make big matches at pay per views seem rather flat. To combat this and give players control over their rivalries, matches should have simple objectives that will lead to cutscenes.

The objectives should be simple for the most part and can compensate for branching storylines. For example, in a main event match, if I were to complete a “hit your finisher 3 times in a row” objective; it will cause a heel turn cutscene and boost that character’s aggressive trait.

To add even more depth, universe mode should incorporate promo packages before major bouts for rivalries that put on increasingly high caliber matches. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated; a quick compilation of pivotal cutscenes and OMG moments that occurred during rivalry matches will do. It’s simple but goes a long way in making Universe mode worth the effort.

Resource Management

This last one is a little far-fetched but may be well worth it for those who’d prefer a more hardcore feel to their Universe Mode. This year I’d like to see Universe Mode give players the ability to micromanage a WWE economy. With the brand split players should have to manage superstar contracts, merchandise sales and ticket sales; a kind of pseudo-franchise mode as seen in other popular sports titles. There’s a lot that can expanded when it comes to adding an economic aspect to the Universe.

However, that concludes our list. Let us know what you think in the comments. Make sure to subscribe and follow us on twitter @sportsgamerson and you follow me on twitter @kf_catch22. Be sure to like on Facebook and stay tuned here for more on WWE 2K18 content.

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