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Super Mega Baseball 3 Update 4 Adds Online League, Watch Mode

Super Mega Baseball 3

This weekend, Super Mega Baseball 3 will receive Update 4. Metalhead Software announced this morning that Update 4 comes to Super Mega Baseball 3 September 29. Super Mega Baseball 3’s new update will include two major game updates: Online League and Watch Mode.

Super Mega Baseball 3’s Online League

Fans of the series will recognize Online Leagues as the previously announced Custom Pennant Race. Though the name has changed, the mode stays the same. Invite codes let players create private leagues of up to 32 teams. Online Leagues are cross-platform, so players can join from their console of choice. Whether you choose short or long-term seasons, Super Mega Baseball 3 will keep track of your statistics throughout the season. You can customize league rules down to the nitty-gritty, including game length and difficulty level. Online Leagues will give players the option between choosing specific opponents or queueing up against any team in the league. This means leagues can be casual matchmaking affairs, or competitive schedule-based seasons.

Super Mega Baseball 3’s Update 4 also introduces Watch mode. Watch mode offers new cinematic options while simulating games between AI. The new camera angles will be a blessing for content creators, offering new options to show off your SMB 3 season in your own way.

Hot Corners pitcher Noah Kaiser steps up to the mound, via our review on Youtube

The two new modes bring support to a game that’s doing very well for itself. Super Mega Baseball 3 has earned critical acclaim as a sequel to a game which itself earned high marks. In our review, managing editor Mike Straw gave it a 9/10, saying “Once again, Metalhead Software proves that you don’t need a major league license to make a great sports game.” The arcade baseball game already has plenty to do. Pennant Race, the online matchmaking mode, is quick and easy to navigate. SMB 3 offers a unique spin on player development in its franchise mode.  The addition of spectator tools and a full new mode is icing on top of the icing on the cake.

Super Mega Baseball 3 is available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Update 4 drops next Tuesday, September 29. Unsure whether or not arcade baseball is for you? Check out our video review below.

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