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Update on the Future of NCAA Football

NCAA Football

Ever since EA Sports stopped developing NCAA Football, fans everywhere have wondered when a new college football game will release to the masses.

One company, Imackulate Vision Gaming, has been working on bringing back college football, leaving fans both excited and nervous about what an independent game would give them. And while many expected this new game to be a fully licensed NCAA title, plenty were taken aback when IMV Gaming tweeted out an image the team showcasing two of the potential schools in the game. The shock came when it was noticed that neither of the schools were licensed universities.

Fans began to question what was going on, and wondered if they were being lied to about what was happening. This lead to IMV Gaming releasing a detailed update on exactly what the plans are for the game, and why official licenses won’t be a part of the first installment of Gridiron Champions.

The update, which you can read in full in the image below, explains that the game will not be an officially licensed NCAA title. Instead, it will feature 126 generic schools that will be fully customizable from stadiums to uniforms to conferences.

It also touches on the fact that various universities have informed them that creating a game with a generic model would be the best route to securing the future of the franchise.

In addition to the customization options, the developers will be implementing a full bowl and playoff system to mimic what fans see from the modern-day NCAA.

Gridiron Champions is currently scheduled for a 2019 release date on PC and the latest consoles, giving the team the time they want to hit their 2017 funding goal and spend the entirety of 2018 developing.

A 2019 release would put it at six years past the latest NCAA game — NCAA Football 14.

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Axis Football is out now!! Same concept …