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Update on AEW Video Game

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Ever since All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was unveiled to the world in January 2019, fans everywhere have asked when a video game is coming.

It’s a subject that hasn’t been avoided by members of AEW management like Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega. And while the organization has been vague in saying an update will hopefully be here soon, it’s not all smoke and mirrors.

Inside sources have told SGO that the first major update regarding the AEW video game is expected to coming around the time of AEW’s spring PPV event “Double or Nothing”. As far as the reason for the delay despite all of the interest and work behind the scenes, the source stated that it was due to the TV deal.

“All parties involved wanted to get a TV extension done and announced first,” SGO was told. “With the company being on cable TV until the end of 2023 at the earliest, the focus has been getting more product announced, including the video game.”

As far as developers go, the obvious answer is former WWE 2K developer Yukes. The company separated from 2K Sports during the development of WWE 2K20 after it came out that they were working on a non-WWE wrestling game. Another option is EA, but it’s unclear if they’d be interested in a wrestling game while also having the UFC license under their belt.

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