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What We Know So Far About WWE 2K18

Not much has been released following the bits of information 2K recently announced. However, just in case you’ve been out of the loop, here’s what we know so far about WWE 2K18.

What We Know So Far

Cover Star

WWE 2K18 Deluxe And Collector's EditionFirstly, we know that The Kingslayer and Architect Seth Rollins will be making his first appearance on a WWE video game. The announcement came in a theatrical cover reveal trailer along with the game’s tagline “Be like no one.”

Special Editions

Soon after that, 2K announced a WWE 2K18 Deluxe and Collector’s Edition. Both editions introduced the Early Access Initiative allowing players who pre-order to have access to the game four days early.

Pre-OrderWWE 2K18 Pre-Order Bonus

In addition to early access, WWE 2K18 pre-orders will also receive two playable versions of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. The American Hero and ECW Wrestling Machine personas will be available for those pre-order the game from participating retailers.


Lastly, we know WWE 2K18 will launch October 17th and will not be on previous gen consoles. Xbox 360 and PS3 users are out of luck.

All in all, there’s not a large amount of news just yet. No word has been given on a PC version of the game but given the previous launches, it’s safe to assume it’ll be available early 2018. Also, we are still awaiting the details of the Collector’s Edition in its entirety.

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