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Will Sports Games Be Shown at the Game Awards?

Like Mariah Carey after Thanksgiving, Geoff Keighley awakens out of his cryogenic sleep when the Game Awards comes around. The long-time host said about 40-50 games will appear in the show on December 9. However, will sports games be shown at the 2021 Game Awards? 

Sports Games at the Game Awards?

In 2019, the Xbox Series X was announced. Forza and FIFA were briefly shown during the reveal. In 2018 and 2016, Rocket League made an appearance to showcase the latest DLC. In 2020, ESPN’s Stephen A Smith helped give out the best eSports team, player, game, host, and event. To put it simply, it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. 

After losing FIFA, EA could make an appearance to announce the return of Fight Night. There is speculation they will bring it back. What better time to do it than at the 2021 Game Awards? Skate has shown very little gameplay. Perhaps this could be the catalyst to show what they have been working on.

ESBC has no concrete news of a release date. However, it would be a great Christmas gift for gamers to now have one. Either way, the 2021 Game Awards is a great time for developers to showcase their games. 

The Game Awards is about three hours. 40-50 games are plenty to show in that period. Only time will tell what will appear. Until then, we can only speculate what will make an appearance.

Let us know down below how you’re feeling. What games do you think will appear at the 2021 Game Awards. As always, if you want to talk sports and video games with the fastest growing community in gaming? Join the conversation by registering at the official Sports Gamers Online Forums, and check out our Twitter and Facebook pages as well as our growing YouTube Channel!  

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