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2K Responds to WWE 2K20 “Y2K20” Glitch : Find Out How to Fix It

WWE 2K20 Review

Earlier today, we covered a developing story involving yet another WWE 2K20 glitch. 2K has responded to the issue, and has implemented a fix to the game-breaking glitch.

WWE 2K20 Glitch

In case you were not aware of the issue, a new WWE 2K20 glitch was discovered during the early hours of this morning. This time, a “Y2K”-like glitch popped up, as the game would crash if a player tried to load up a game mode. This glitch was apparently tied to the game calendar, as the game became unplayable once the world went into the year 2020.

On our YouTube channel, we went over a workaround fix to the problem. In order to fix this, a gamer needs to move the console date back to 2019. This obviously isn’t ideal, as it could have an effect on saved files, especially cloud saves, but it was the only fix that was known at the time.

2K Responds to Y2K20 Glitch

2K Support has responded to the issue, and have sent out a tweet stating the issue has been fixed. All gamers have to do is to restart the game in order to automatically download the fix. Just keep in mind that this is not a full-blown patch. Rather, it’s just a hotfix, so you don’t have to worry about downloading additional data.

So far, it appears that no gamers have had any issues with the fix thus far. Still, it’s pretty amazing that WWE 2K20 is three months into its life cycle, and there are still game-breaking problems that are emerging.

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