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WWE 2K22 Leaks Development

2K Sports Promises More Transparency With WWE 2K22 Development

If you missed the news over the weekend, WWE 2K22 was officially announced as being in development by 2K Sports. The follow up to the highly panned WWE 2K20, WWE 2K22 is looking to rebuild the franchise’s reputation as a high-quality wrestling video game.

WWE 2K22’s reveal comes earlier than usual for WWE 2K titles, but that’s all by design.

2K Sports briefed members of the media last Thursday, and explained its upcoming plans for this year’s release.

The reps from 2K Sports who presented the game’s trailer said that this year was all about being more transparent with the fan base. They understand fans are still upset about how WWE 2K20 turned out, and they want to show that they are listening to the feedback.

WWE 2K22 Marketing Plans

As part of the build towards release, 2K Sports will be answering more fan questions throughout as well as provide more behind the scenes content to see how development is done. The game’s tagline this year is “It Hits Different”, and 2K Sports wants that to be more than just in the game. The marketing push for WWE 2K22 is slated to be bigger than any game in the past decade, an edict that comes from both WWE and 2K Sports itself.

Development has been underway for quite some time on WWE 2K22, including full wrestler scans and voice overs taking place over Royal Rumble weekend.

No information was given regarding release date or console availability, but that information is expected in the coming weeks. When last asked, a source close to the game’s development said that they were planning on releasing the game for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, though that can always change if problems arise.

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