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Action Arcade Wrestling Invading Consoles Later This Year

VICO Game Studio, in partnership with Reverb Triple XP, announced Action Arcade Wrestling would returning to the wrestling gaming world. This time, the over-the-top wrestling arcade game would be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Action Arcade Wrestling brings it to consoles

In the Spring of 2021, Action Arcade Wrestling will be launching on consoles. However, in their lineup, the Xbox Series X and PS5 are not listed. The game will likely run on new generation consoles but through backwards compatibility.

AAW offers over 30 extraordinary wrestlers. Players can unleash unique abilities in the course of a much including the cosmic power of El Universo, laser beams, or even radioactive attacks from Biohazard! If that’s not enough, AAW features the AAW Wrestle Lab. In the lab, players can use hundreds of customization options to build the ultimate wrestling hero or villain. Be sure to check out the console launch trailer below.

We followed the launch of Action Arcade Wrestling back in 2019 when it first came to PC via Steam. Its arcade-style gameplay means to give wrestling fans and gamers exactly what they’ve been missing in video games. This according to its executive producer, Dave Horn. Its wacky design intentionally aims to provide simple enjoyable fun in the form of pro wrestling.

Now, you may have noticed this game launched under a different name back then. Social media’s #SpeakingOut movement struck the wrestling world exposing a rather tragic side to the sport. Due to the circumstances, AAW dropped the CHIKARA brand and became simply Action Arcade Wrestling.

Those curious about the upcoming launch can check out our PC review. In it, we discuss its simplistic and easy to pick arcade gameplay. In addition, we cover game modes, match types, and visual presentation.

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