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Action Arcade Wrestling is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Action Arcade Wrestling is out now on Nintendo Switch after releasing on Xbox One and PS4 last year. The game will run at 60 frames per second and features many fan-favorite modes like Elimination Chamber and Battle Royal. VICO Game Studio’s released a new trailer of its wrestling game, showing AAW’s action-packed gameplay.

“I’m extremely happy we were able to achieve such great performance on Nintendo Switch for Action Arcade Wrestling,”. – Eugene Tchoukhrov, Lead Programmer at VICO Game Studio.

Action Arcade Wrestling will have loads of game features coming to the switch. In addition, the game will also have 30 playable characters and 25 game modes. For more, check out the list below for an in-depth look at what’s coming to AAW on Nintendo Switch.

Action Arcade Wrestling Game Features

  • Retro Gameplay Action Satisfaction – Intuitive 2-button controls allow players of all ages and skill levels to easily jump into the arcade wrestling mayhem.
  • Animated Madness – Over 700 hand-crafted animations to perfectly capture the movement and antics that make AAW unique to the wrestling world, all displayed at a rocking 60FPS frame rate on Switch.
  • A Match for Every Style – Over 25 playable game modes are planned including One vs. One, Tag Team, Three-way match, Four-way match, 4-10 Person Elimination matches, Tornado Tag, Battle Royal, and more!
  • Roster of Extraordinary Wrestlers – Choose from 30+ unique, superhero-like wrestlers that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Old School Flair – 3D cel-shaded visuals bring a vibrant throwback arcade look that captures the outrageous and colorful past of wrestling games.
  • Creative Creations – Need more wrestlers to choose from? Go to the Creations menu. Choose from hundreds of user-generated wrestlers and arenas to download and play in the game! Whether it’s your favorite superhero, most feared monster, or a shopping cart, you can find it all in the creations generated by our free companion app, the Wrestle Lab, available on Windows-based PC.

Action Arcade Wrestling is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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