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AEW Fight Forever Gameplay Will Be Simple, And So Will The Creation Suite

It’s been no secret that there have been issues behind the scenes with the development of AEW Fight Forever. AEW’s first major console game is still expected to release in the fall, but fans should go in with the understanding that there will be limitations with the game.

One such feature that will be limited is the game’s creation suite, which saw limitations implemented rather quickly.

Not having a suite as deep as other sports titles shouldn’t be that surprising. Having the ability to create championships, arenas, shows, and more was nothing that should’ve been anticipated for the first game. However, the limitations are going to be felt in other areas of the suite which can be viewed as either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. SGO was told that movesets in general will be limited “akin to an early 2000s wrestling game” while customization options for wrestlers will leave people wishing they had more.

Regarding the game’s music, one source said don’t expect all of the licensed music that wrestlers have for their entrance themes to make it into the game. One said, “there’s a reason they are showing only wrestlers with themes created specifically for AEW in their previews”.

Sources have said that there will be licensed tracks, but not everyone with a licensed theme is expected to have theirs. The decision with music is strictly budgetary due to the game already being over budget as is.

Regarding entrances, SGO has tried to find out if the game will feature full wrestler entrances as opposed to the tunnel views fans have only seen. So far, however, no one has been willing to give a clear answer on the matter.

Remaining Positive

While things haven’t sounded the greatest behind the scenes, many are adamant that the development team has focused on making the game fun over everything else.

A few people SGO spoke with remain positive on the moveset front saying that it will allow the game to be more accessible and easily picked up by all types of players.

“The expectations were set when games like No Mercy and Here Comes The Pain were said as inspiration,” one said. “Games with good gameplay, but reduced customization.

“If the game is fun, no one will care about the other stuff.”

Sources also say the game’s story mode is a major focus because it will be the primary option for players. Branching storylines and making sure decisions and results impact the direction it goes was a major sticking point from the beginning. The ability for players to replay the mode is something that Kenny Omega has wanted for the game day one and that mindset never waivered.

AEW Fight Forever is expected to launch this fall for console and PC.

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Daminous Purity
Daminous Purity
10 days ago

Say it once,
Say it twice,
Say it thrice!… $80 million – $100 million spend by a “trust fund” mark on this garbage 
Then again it perfectly resembles exactly what skid mark, indie, carny sh*t that is AEWCWWETNA Lite. 🤣

Can’t wait to hear dirty Dave and the IWC call this steaming pile of manure “the greatest wrestling game in history” 🤡🤡

12 days ago

Holy shit, are you f*cking kidding me? God, this game is going to suck.

12 days ago
Reply to  Seriously

Not a fan of the old school N64 games? Those are the best wrestling games ever made.

12 days ago
Reply to  MorganZero

They were good for their time, but literally just making AEW No Mercy, limitations and all, in the year of our lord 2022 is going to end in disaster.