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WWE 2K Games Releases WWE 2K22

WWE Wants Yearly WWE 2K Games Released

WWE 2K22 is coming this year, that we all know. But what many haven’t known is the release plan moving forward for the main WWE 2K series.

After reaching out to a few people within WWE, the company is hoping WWE 2K22 signals a return to yearly releases for the series. With the ever-changing nature of the rosters, gimmicks, shows, and more, WWE is looking to see the game available annually again. The belief is that it will generate more revenue for all parties involved than a smaller mid-life paid update would.

2K Sports, for all intents and purposes, is on board with going back to yearly simulation games, but a lot of that depends on how well the game is received by fans. WWE 2K20 was such a mess of a game, that 2K doesn’t want to have games like that launched again with their name behind it.

The studio, we’ve learned, wouldn’t be against seeing an alternating schedule of simulation and arcade releases every other year. WWE 2K Battlegrounds was the first in its series in 2020, and work has been going on internally towards a sequel to the new IP.

A lot of extra work has gone into the feature set for this year’s game, and anything other than a positively received game could lead to major changes with the series and even the WWE/2K partnership.

What Will WWE 2K22 Have To Offer?

Though there are still few details about the features of this year’s game, rumors are circulating about what fans may (or may not) get. The biggest one, of course, is the lack of a true next-gen version of the game for players. Rather than a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S version of WWE 2K22, it’s possible that the game is released for last-gen platforms and upscaled to new-gen.

2K sports is promising more transparency with this year’s WWE 2K game, and it’s already been happening on social media with a look at the game’s motion capture process.

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