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Good News For Future of WWE 2K?

WWE 2K22 launches globally on Friday, March 11. However, those who have preordered the game’s “Deluxe” or “NWO 4-Life” editions of the game have been able to play it since Tuesday. And if the early numbers are any indication, the future of the WWE 2K series may very well be safe after all.

On Monday, a report dropped over at Fightful Select* stating that WWE has had preliminary talks with EA about moving the WWE Games license over to the company. WWE 2K22 was being viewed as a “make-or-break” title in the series. If the game didn’t perform, the relationship could end between 2K and WWE after nearly a decade.

Looking at the PC numbers alone, WWE 2K22 has seen a higher peak userbase than both WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20, combined. The performance becomes even more impressive when you look at the rest of the WWE 2K games to be released on PC. Only WWE 2K16 comes within 20% of the peak users that WWE 2K22 has already seen.

WWE 2K22 Peak User Increase In Percentages**
WWE 2K20 218.3%
WWE 2K19 100.5%
WWE 2K18 23.1%
WWE 2K17 81.8%
WWE 2K16 18.9%
WWE 2K15 28.2%

While this is just one platform, it has to be viewed as a major early success for WWE 2K22 and the WWE 2K team as a whole. With the game’s full release still a couple of days away, it’s certain that the peak performance will only increase.

Obviously, console numbers will be different as more players are on those systems. However, the PC increase provides a good barometer for predicting an increase on other platforms. We’ll know those numbers in the coming months.

For more on WWE 2K22, stick with Sports Gamers Online.

*NOTE: The report over at Fightful Select was written by SGO Managing Editor Mike Straw as a special to the outlet.

**Percentages were calculated based on numbers reported from Steam Charts.

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27 days ago

Yes, I do remember that story which was posted a very long back it is very interesting and I loved reading. I think that the first post in this forum. I even shared that article on my blog which has got good appreciation from my viewers who read the article.

Jared Byron
Jared Byron
2 months ago

the serversd are slammed

Doug Stevenson
Doug Stevenson
2 months ago

Good article, Mike. Any chance of finally getting the AEW article that’s been teased for a while now?