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WWE 2K22 Microtransactions

Report: WWE 2K22 Will Have Heavy Microtransaction Presentation

Update: 2K Sports has issued the following response:

“We don’t comment on rumors and speculation. We’ll share more details in January.”

Original: If you thought that the return of WWE 2K with WWE 2K22 wouldn’t include the return of large-scale microtransactions, you may want to turn away. YouTuber VikingSizeGamer did some digging and found out that WWE 2K22 does, indeed, plan on featuring a number of microtransaction options when it launches.

Doing a data dig on a WWE 2K CDN — one that is publicly accessible –, he found that the game will purchasable VC ranging from 5000 to 450,000 coins. The listings were found in a folder marked “2K22/Store”.

As far as what the microtransactions in WWE 2K22 will be used for, that’s all unknown at this point. If one were to look at the NBA 2K series for inspiration, it could mean that they’ll be used for a lot. From cosmetics to MyPlayer attribute boosts, nothing is off the table when it comes to what 2K plans with them. The concern then becomes if the game, especially for those who enjoy playing online, becomes a pay-to-win title.

The last thing anyone in the WWE games community would want is a way for players to pay their way to the top early on in the game. For those offline players, the idea of a potential grind where VC are pushed on you in one way or another to make things “easier” doesn’t sound enticing either.

Again, no plans for the microtransactions or VC have been made public, so everything as far as those go is pure speculation at this point. SGO has reached out to 2K for comment on the matter, and will update the story should a response be received.

At least fans will be getting at least one thing they’ve been wanting when GM Mode makes its expected return to the series.

What do you think about microtransactions playing a role in WWE 2K22? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more.

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Jason Worth
Jason Worth
7 months ago

I predict the macrotrasactions will kill WWE 2K22.

Wayne Stiles
7 months ago

Bullshit players should have to earn there shit the old fashioned way not pay your way to the top like most due in real life you’ll never have respect for your things if you never earned them to begin with! Earning wat you worked for builds respect and trust in yourself