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WWE 2K18: 10 Superstars We Wish Were In The Game

WWE 2K18

With each passing year, 2K Sports has been making the size of playable superstars on the roster larger and larger in the WWE 2K series.

Whether it be new superstars making their in-game debuts or legends returning to a WWE game for the first time in years, there’s never a shortage of great wrestlers to choose from. And WWE 2K18 is no different.

After taking DLC into consideration, this year’s wrestling title from 2K will feature 184 unique playable characters. It’s a record amount for the series that goes as high as 213 playable wrestlers if you include alternate attires as different characters.

Unfortunately, not every roster is as complete as one would hope. From superstars that made their debuts over the past year to those that are no longer with the company, it’s time to look at the wrestlers we wish were in WWE 2K18.

*Note: We are counting teams as one entry in this list*

Mustafa Ali

As a whole, the superstars of 205 Live are pretty well represented. That being said, there is one glaring omission from the roster in WWE 2K18 and that’s Mustafa Ali.

Ali is, arguably, one of the best in the ring on the show, but he has yet to be given a prominent role on the program which could explain his absence from the game. His moveset is as creative as you’ll find in the game, and his 054 (imploding 450 splash) is one of the best looking finishers in all of the WWE. You could really make a case for a number of cruiserweights like Drew Gulak and Tony Nese, but Ali is the man we really were hoping to see.

Pete Dunne

When you think WWE UK Tournament, you think Pete Dunne. In a show full of performers relatively unknown to the WWE Universe, Dunne stood out. With a forearm to the face of his second-round opponent, Dunne truly made a name for himself. Even if you don’t like him, you know his name and you, definitely, know his theme. With guys like Kassius Ohno making the base roster, Dunne clearly debuted early enough to make the cut. The exclusion of Dunne is certainly a missed opportunity for WWE 2K18, as DLC or otherwise.

Tyler Bate

Whether you’re a fan of British wrestling or not, you cannot deny Tyler Bate is one incredible performer. The matches he’s put on with his mates from British Strong Style (Trent Seven and Pete Dunne) have been nothing less of Match-of-the-Year worthy. Like Dunne, Bate debuted early enough to make the cut for WWE 2K18 without a doubt. Not only that, he is history walking as the first and youngest, at 19 years of age, WWE UK Champion.

Shelton Benjamin

He only recently re-debuted in the company after recovering from shoulder surgery, but the Gold Standard is one superstar we wish was in WWE 2K18. Teaming with Chad Gable after Gable’s partner Jason Jordan moved to RAW, Benjamin’s omission from the game leaves Gable with out a partner. What is he supposed to do without a partner?!?


Demolition is one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history, so it would make sense for them to be in a WWE game touting the largest roster in series history. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see the legendary tag team in the game anytime soon.

The men who portrayed Ax and Smash are two of the biggest names going up against the WWE in the ongoing concussion lawsuit that also included the likes of Paul Ordndorff, Jazz, and Shane Douglas, among others.

So, if you want to see The New Day go against the team they dethroned as the longest-reigning tag team champions in the company’s history, then you’re going to have to take advantage of the creation suite.

ReDragon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)

Excluding these two from the game makes sense. Their debut came as late as June of 2017. However, if there’s time to add guys as DLC, I’d have strongly recommend these two be included. If you watch anything besides WWE, then you probably know Fish and O’Reilly are one of the most dominate teams to come out of New Japan and Ring of Honor.

No doubt, they will be among the top downloads from the creation suite along with fellow Undisputed member, Adam Cole. At best, we will probably get the highlights of their movesets in the Moves Pack DLC.

Mike and Maria Kanellis

Having the greatest love in the World just isn’t enough to get you included on the roster for WWE 2K18.

When these two emerged at Money In The Bank 2017, it was a longshot that they’d be included in the this year’s game, but there was hope. But, just like their roles on WWE TV right now, the hope quickly faded when you realized they weren’t big enough to get the “rush development” treatment from 2K.

But to be honest, I only want to see them in the game so I can utilize the greatest theme song ever created for a WWE superstar.

Andrade Cien Almas

Almas was around when the cruiserweights first came onto the scene. Since then, he changed his attitude and look for the better. He had a rocky start but now Cien Almas regularly puts on incredible performances with rising indie talent like Gargano and Ohno.

The stars of 205 Live made the cut, including Almas’s former partner Cedric Alexander. There’s no reason to exclude Cien. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more deserving of a spot in WWE 2K18 than Andrade Cien Almas.

Oney Lorcan

Oney has certainly been in NXT long enough to make the cut. His exclusion comes as a shock because several of his moves are in the game, as seen in the 2K Dev Spotlight episode. In addition, Lorcan is easily becoming the heart and soul of NXT. Picking up where Sami Zayn left off, Lorcan may not win often but he puts on some the most hard-hitting matches NXT has ever scene. Even his five minutes squash matches are well worth the watch. I beg to question why Oney Lorcan isn’t representing NXT in WWE 2K18.

The Dudley Boyz

When The Dudleys returned to WWE back in 2015, it was fantastic solely because you knew they were going to be in a WWE video game for the first time in over a decade. Having them back in WWE 2K17 allowed fans to create some great matches between The Dudleys and Edge and Christian, but there was just something missing: The Hardy Boyz.

Recreating the incredible triple-threat tag team matches with the three legendary teams would be incredible with the modern engine and visuals in WWE 2K18. But now that Matt and Jeff Hardy are back in a WWE video game, Bubba Ray and D-Von are nowhere to be found on the roster.

Hopefully, once all three teams are done wrestling for good, we can get them all as legends in the game to finally relive those great TLC matches from the past.

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