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WWE 2K18 MyCareer Details Revealed

WWE 2K18 MyCareer

Earlier today, 2K announced an in depth blog detailing some of the improvements to MyCareer in WWE 2K18. The blog features topics like story, free-roaming, updated promos as well as MyCareer invasion.


WWE 2K18 MyCareer

Story and Progression

Arguably the biggest improvement for MyCareer in WWE 2K18 is the narrative that is said to take itself more serious than its predecessor. The overall goal in the mode is to achieve your Wrestlemania moment. However, Ramelle Ballesca, WWE 2K18 MyCareer Designer, notes you will be able to play past that moment. This year there are two ways to play.

  • Company Man (or woman assuming) – In this path, you’ll likely be taking on roles similar to Seth Rollins in the Authority. In the game, you’ll do what it takes to keep the GM in power. The more you progress, the more influence you’ll have to manipulating your own matches. For example, the ability to call for run-ins.
  • Fan Favorite – This path means you’ll kneel to no higher power. You’re influence comes from winning over the respects from the locker including legends backstage. This path has its own set of rewards; achieve enough respect and you can get your own tailor made WWE/Universal Championship.

In addition, the stories will not be shared between the WWE 2K18 Universe mode. This time around, fresh and unique stories were implemented for MyCareer. The Company Man and Fan Favorite paths look like ways to play heel or face respectively. The question will be if you can switch back and forth during MyCareer.

Free-Roaming Backstage

The ability to roam the backstage area returns this year. WWE 2K18 MyCareer lets you interact backstage with support staff and superstars to achieve certain actions. It is mentioned that this is in lieu of a menu. Want an interview? Simply walk up to Renee Young. Need to change your attire? See the tailor backstage. There are a host of mini-storylines you can participate in backstage. While these aren’t crucial to achieving your Wrestlemania moment, it does create a unique MyCareer experience in WWE 2K18.

Updated Promos

Although the promo system was only introduced last year, it has received major upgrades in WWE 2K18. This time, promos are more about cohesion than simple crowd pandering. The idea is to make a point and stick to it. Also, more unique WWE personalities will be represented more accurately. Visual Concepts added nearly 200 new animations across multiple WWE Superstars to make them feel more like themselves. Shinsuke Nakamura acts like Shinsuke Nakamura as he fidgets and does his thing. Bray Wyatt paces maniacally as he preaches; the New Day dance to the ring instead of walking.

As mentioned before, you no longer have to worry about is this the face or heel thing to say according to the crowd. The new combo system bases scoring off of what point you make in your promo and how well you stick to it.

MyCareer Invasion

Lastly, the blog mentions the MyCareer Invasion returning in WWE 2K18. This is when your friends’ MyCareer superstars are introduced into your story. Now, they will appear backstage and can interacted with just like any other WWE Superstar, legend, GM or support staff.

That wraps up the blog and revealed details for WWE 2K18 MyCareer. You can read the blog in its entirety on their official website.

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