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WWE 2K18 Gets New Patch Following DLC Launch

WWE 2K18 Patch

WWE 2K18 gets patch 1.05 shortly following the release of the NXT Generations Pack. The DLC content released earlier today adding four of NXT’s finest and one NXT alumni. Be sure to watch the trailer above and check out the launch details.

WWE 2K18 Patch 1.05

If all goes as planned, as of 10am PST, WWE 2K18 should be updated to version 1.05 for Xbox and PS4. You can view the official patch notes posting on the WWE 2K forums. You can also see the details below:

  • General MyCareer fixes
  • Balanced the AI’s pin escape probabilities
  • Balanced the frequency in which AI Superstars utilize the Drag mechanic
  • Adjusted the Damage display for Submission moves.
  • Submissions now correctly reference the correct limb
  • AI will no longer incorrectly reference Grapple reversal rates for Finishers preceded by an automated reposition
  • Improved Pin Combo for World’s Strongest Splash
  • Fixed Superstar names being replaced with the names of alternate attires during an entrance run-in.
  • Fixed Squash Matches not occurring in player-edited matches.
  • Various adjustments to in-game animations to prevent warping

In addition, 2K notes that there are additional general fixes.

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