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WWE 2K18 NEW Road To Glory, Fighting Styles and More

WWE 2K18 Road To Glory

We knew that 2K decided to bring the heat in this year’s WWE 2K18. With the largest roster to date and an all new graphics engine, WWE 2K18 looks to be huge. Now, 2K has just unveiled a brand new mode making its debut. This year, players can embark on the new Road To Glory.

WWE 2K18 Road To Glory & MyPlayer

Be sure to check out the trailer on the Road To Glory mode. This year, 2K wanted to bring a new player experience focusing on choice and progression. This comes in the form of MyPlayer and the Road To Glory mode.


MyPlayer explores several unique fighting styles that feel and play differently from one another. They act as character classes. In addition, each MyPlayer can be upgraded andWWE 2K18 MyPlayer Home Screen customized as you progress through two modes. In WWE 2K18, players can use their MyPlayers to progress in both a solo MyCareer and the multiplayer Road To Glory.

MyPlayer comes equipped with its own menu that includes a portal to both the single and multiplayer progression modes. Furthermore, the menu has what 2K is calling the MyPLAYER Wizard.  The wizard is a simplified version of this WWE 2K18’s robust creation suite. The options are limited within the wizard, however, you can customize your MyPlayer in epic detail once you finish the basics.

As mention before, MyPlayers are equipped with a unique fighting style of choice. Each style focuses on two of the main tower attributes. All attributes in MyPLAYER are grouped into 10 attribute towers.

  • Striking,
  • Grappling,
  • Power,
  • Toughness,
  • Technique,
  • Reversals,
  • Athleticism,
  • Speed,
  • Stamina and Promo

The promo attribute is unique to the MyCareer mode. You can view all the sub-attributes for each Tower inside the Attributes screen. Each fighting style has its own set of skills and abilities unlocked by default. The rest can be unlocked in time. However, each fighting style cannot use every attribute or skill. Below you can find the list of unique styles and their strengths.

  • High Flyer – Agility and Speed;
  • Showboat – Stamina and Reversals;
  • Striker – Striking and Stamina;
  • Technician – Technique and Grappling;
  • Brawler – Toughness and Athleticism;
  • Strong Style – Grappling and Reversals;
  • Powerhouse – Power and Grappling;
  • Giant – Power and Toughness.

Road To Glory

Road To Glory, players have a chance to experience an all new online experience. You will use your MyPlayer to compete online against players from around the world. There are plenty of in depth options this year to define your MyPlayer. From fighting styles to expressive in-ring attire, you’ll cement your legacy throughout your career defining moments.

You’ll compete in a variety of match types. During the mode, you’ll be rewarded with boosts, unlocks and weekly bonuses. All of these and more will allow you to enhance and upgrade your superstar. How well you perform will help you earn spots on WWE Pay-Per-Views.

Road To Glory also feature Tonight’s Event. Here, players will find a daily match event that cycles every 24 hours. It also will cycle through various arenas and match types.

The new online experience has a lot to offer including PPV events that coincide with WWE’s

TLC Main Event Rewards

schedule. During these events, you’ll engage in objective-based gameplay. This will likely be similar to the old showcase modes from previous years. It will all add up as you look to be featured in the main event with a superstar headlining that show. Competing in main events gives you a chance to unlock uniquely theme superstar parts.

You can read full details on Road To Glory via 2K’s latest blog post.

Pre-order WWE 2K18 to play as Hall of Fame inductee, Kurt Angle. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Season Pass and DLC for this year’s game. WWE 2K18 is set to launch October 17 for Xbox One and PS4.

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