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WWE 2K18 Roster Must-Haves

Roster Must-Haves

Arguably the most anticipated news for any wrestling game is the roster reveal. It has been an incredible year for hardcore as well as casual wrestling fans. In addition to the first ever six-star match, we’ve witnessed many “indie-darlings” find their niche in the WWE. Dreams do come true. With 2K’s latest game announced and firmly on its way, we take a look at ten WWE 2K18 roster must-haves.

Roster Must-Haves

Roderick StrongRoster Must-Haves

Debuting during the second Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Roderick Strong has made quite the impression. In a short amount of time, Strong has showcased an incredibly deep move-set and natural charisma. NXT has produced a series of vignettes detailing Strong’s backstory and journey to the WWE. Strong has a bright future; with Seth Rollins, the inaugural NXT champion, making the cover, WWE 2K18 will no doubt highlight NXT itself being like nothing else. That highlight of NXT would be incomplete without Roderick Strong. All hail the Messaiah of the Backbreaker.

Jack Gallagher

Roster Must-HavesSay what you will about 205Live, however, Jack Gallagher is a sight to see. From his demeanor to his in-ring style, Gallagher brings a form not accustomed in the WWE and makes it shine. Although it may not be as pretty as it was during the Cruiserweight Classic, Gallagher still puts on top-notch performances against the likes of Neville, TJP and other 205Live competitors. He, indeed, is like no one else and is a no-brainer for inclusion on the WWE 2K18 roster. Long live the queen.

RhynoRoster Must-Haves

2K get the Rhyno! Although he may not be in the main event, Rhyno still performs decently in whatever part of the card he appears in. From NXT, to Smackdown Live! to RAW, Rhyno still manages to get over with the crowds and only needs one move to do it, the gore. His work with Health Slater and subsequent capture of the Smackdown Live! Tag Team Championships warrant appraisal. He is a busy man outside of the squared circle but still managed to be a founding block for WWE’s blue brand. Couple that with helping some of the younger talent, Rhyno deserves a spot on the roster. Gore, gore, GORE!

Jinder Mahal

This one really requires no explanation. Jinder Mahal is the WWE Champion after all. Mahal has gone from a jobber and after thought to the main event of Smackdown Live! In addition, he has beaten Randy Orton twice. Once to capture the title and one more in defense. He returned with an incredible physique and the physicality to match. Whether you agree with his push or not, Mahal is making the most of the situation and doing extremely well. There will be an inevitable collapse of the Modern Day Maharaja, in the meantime he has done more than enough to secure a spot in WWE 2K18. Hail the Maharaja.

TJ PerkinsRoster Must-Haves

Admittedly not a fan of his look, TJP lacks nothing in the squared circle. He is the inaugural champion of the rebooted Cruiserweights and knows how to tell a story between the ropes. He sports an incredible move-set as well as adapted fittingly to the WWE environment. Perkin’s taunts and finishers have already been added to the game, I see no reason to not add the whole package. Press start to play.

Cedric Alexander 

Roster Must-HavesArguably the star of the Cruiserweight Classic, Cedric Alexander captured the awe of the fans in a gutsy performance with Kota Ibushi. Although his run so far is tagged with a terrible love triangle and unfortunate injury, since returning Cedric seems to have not skipped a beat. He is consistently a top performer and displays his own deep move-set. Even in NXT, Cedric has put on worth while performances against some of the top stars. The sky truly is the limit and there is not excuse for not including him in this year’s game. Once he grabs the brass rings, he won’t let go.

Andrade Cien AlmasRoster Must-Haves

You can argue Cien is under-valued or not getting pushed but what he is, is a man who knows how to perform. Cien may have a losing streak with or without his storyline demanding it but his WWE run is littered with some of the best NXT performances this year. You can typically assume Cien will lose the match, but its the finish that keeps you guessing. He put on NXT: Takeover classics with the likes of Kassius Ohno, Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre and many others. His spot in NXT may very well resemble Sami Zayn’s and have a light at the end of the tunnel but for now, fans deserve the chance to put on great matches with Cien in WWE 2K18. Now, let’s party!

Bobby Roode

Roster Must-HavesAgain, no real explanation should be needed here. It’s Bobby Roode, enough said. After Roode took the throne as NXT Champion, he ushered in a new era for NXT. New championships were implemented as well as a rush of new hard-hitting talent. Bobby Roode is the full package when it comes to being the top guy. If any focus is put on NXT in WWE 2K18, there’s simply no way to leave out Bobby Roode. With him added to the roster, it’ll be simply…glorious!

Pete DunneRoster Must-Haves

Indie fans will definitely know the name. Pete Dunne is fresh face in the WWE recently capturing the WWE United Kingdom Championship. He made his debut in the UK tournament and took the WWE Network by storm with aggression against his opponents and brutal physicality. In addition, Pete Dunne has an incredible heel gimmick and the skill to back it up. Like many others on the list, Pete Dunne embodies the tagline for WWE 2K18 and debuted early enough to make the roster cut. Beware the Bruiserweight!

Aleister Black

Roster Must-HavesSomewhere between good and evil lies Aleister Black. Somewhere between now and the release date needs to lie the announcement of Aleister Black in WWE 2K18. His first appearance was made during the UK tournament but his true debut happened at NXT Takeover: Orlando. Since then, he is a mainstay on NXT and is synonymous with quick but nasty victories. A dangerous individual, Black is all around unique from his gimmick to his entrance. While his late debut may exclude him from the main roster, Aleister should be first pick for any planned DLC packs for WWE 2K18. Fade to black.

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