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WWE 2K18 New Visual Enhancements and Presentation Upgrade

Visual Enhancements and Presentation

During a special 2K developer summit, Executive Producer Mark Little spoke on new visual enhancements and presentation upgrades coming in WWE 2K18.

Visual Enhancements and Presentation


Little announced WWE 2K18 will feature a new revamped graphical engine. The process took two years but 2K is finally able to unveil the new system. In addition to general visual enhancements, these are a few things you can expect in WWE 2K18:

  • dithered rendering,
  • new skin shaders,
  • real time reflections,
  • physically based rendering,
  • new lighting and post-processing effects.

Although the new lighting was showcased on last year’s models, it was noted that the game still looked significantly better.


Since WWE ’12, WWE games have aimed to create an authentic experience based on the WWE television presentation. This year, Little says that the team has taken strides to rectify the pitfalls in presentation from the past WWE games. One of the bigger changes in presentation comes from the change in commentary. This year, the NBA Live team pitched in to help the commentary in WWE 2K18. Additionally, the commentary team will be manned by Corey Graves, Byron Saxton and Michael Cole.

You can read the full recap on the WWE Games official posting. Be sure to catch the 2KDev Spotlight Series, starting next Thursday, July 13 on 2K promises to provide ongoing information, updates and a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a WWE 2K game.

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