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WWE 2K20: Did the Patch Fix the Issues?


The WWE 2K team put out a patch on Friday, a week and a half after the release of WWE 2K20. And a patch was necessary, as users were frustrated after experiencing game-breaking glitches and dealing with poor gameplay. However, the big question after the patch’s release was whether or not it would fix WWE 2K20‘s major issues.

New WWE 2K20 Patch

The notes from yesterday’s patch seem to indicate that the WWE 2K team fixed many of 2K20‘s game-breaking glitches. The WWE 2K team stated that this patch “addresses concerns” regarding 2K20‘s gameplay, graphics, interactions with objects, and referee actions. And while the notes were relatively vague and didn’t go into specifics into what was actually fixed, it sounded quite promising.

However it doesn’t look like the patch was much of a gamechanger. Many WWE 2K20 users on social media noted that it doesn’t seem like the patch fixed much, and that gamers were still experiencing glitches. Several users posted videos of their characters glitching out, as well as noting that game modes are crashing the game.

Now to be fair, the WWE 2K team did note that this patch is part of an ongoing process. In the patch notes, the 2K team stated that they “expect to roll out additional patches in the near future to address additional concerns.” However, it does appear that this patch may not have fixed much, and it looks like it will take even longer before we actually see permanent fixes for WWE 2K20.

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