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WWE 2K20: #FixWWE2K20 Trending Due to Day One Glitches

Take-Two Interactive dealt with quite a bit of backlash after the release of NBA 2K20, as gamers vented over glitches and an incomplete game. A little over a month later, we now have the #FixWWE2K20 movement. This is thanks to angry WWE 2K20 gamers who are upset over a game with glitches and other problems.

WWE 2K20 Glitches

WWE 2K20 was released today, but the road to October 22 wasn’t a smooth one for Take-Two. And a lot of it had to do with negative publicity, as several YouTubers who received early access to the game noted that the game felt off and incomplete.

Fast forward to today, and people on social media have been less than complimentary when talking about the game. Many people have posted videos showing off some of the Day One glitches, and they’re quite something:

To make matters worse, gamers have also noted that the graphics in 2K20 look worse than last year’s game. Take a look at the The Rock in 2K20:

Needless to say that model that does not look like The Rock. But this is just one example of what has been so far a dismal start to the post-Yuke’s era for WWE 2K. As we have noted previously, Yuke’s was the game developer for WWE games for almost two decades before Visual Concepts took over the development of the franchise. And so far, the early returns from Visual Concepts has not been good.


Just like with NBA 2K20, there is a #FixWWE2K20 movement on social media as gamers try to get the attention of Take-Two and Visual Concepts regarding this year’s game. And the hashtag has been trending nationally as well, as #FixWWE2K20 reached the top 10 national trends on Twitter today.

While almost every game has some degree of Day One glitches, this year’s version seems to have gone over the top. With WWE 2K20 seemingly riddled with glitches, poor graphics, and having issues starting up game modes, this has been a rough start for 2K. In fact, it even has some people looking for an alternative:

We’ll have our thoughts on the game soon in our review, but what do you think about WWE 2K20? Let us know in the comments section below, or on our social media channels. And be sure to keep checking out the SGO site for all the latest WWE 2K20 news.

UPDATE (10/22): Another issue that has popped up is with the WWE 2K20 SmackDown! 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. The package, which cost $130 USD, was supposed to come with not just the game, but also memorabilia as well as a signed autograph from one of three legends from the WWE SmackDown show (Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, or Edge).

However, some people have remarked on social media that they did not receive an autographed item:

2K Games responded to the inquiries on Twitter and wrote that they would resolve the issue. In fact, Edge even responded on Twitter and offered to autograph the unsigned plaques that were sent to WWE 2K20 players.

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