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WWE 2K22 Confirms MyGM, Announces Number of New Features

Despite saying no news was coming between August and January, 2K Sports decided to do an about face, confirming a number of new features coming to WWE 2K22.

Launching in March 2022, WWE 2K22 will have quite a few differences between it and the prior WWE 2K20, and I’m not just talking about the game’s roster. 2K Sports unveiled its “Top-10 Hit List” of features and changes coming to the new game.

Taking a look at the WWE 2K22 Features

Starting off with the biggest new feature, 2K Sports confirmed what SGO originally reported back in September: GM Mode is coming back. Known as MyGM, players will be able to draft their own roster while also handling booking and contracts. All of this with the goal of proving to be the best general manager in WWE.

Another new mode making its way to the game is MyFaction. This new single-player mode will have players building and controlling a dream faction all their own. The only mode in the game utilizing VC, according to 2K, MyFaction will have you collect, manage, and upgrade superstars by way of weekly events and updates.

Old Modes Get A Refresh

With MyGM making its debut in WWE 2K22, many were concerned about the fate of the popular Universe Mode. The good news for those fans is that the mode is back with some unannounced changes coming in the form of better control over brands, rosters, rivalries, PPVs, and more.

Another mode getting a facelift is the game’s MyCareer. Renamed MyRise, this new mode will allow you to take a custom superstar — either male or female. In the mode will have you start as a new signee to the WWE with the goal of becoming not only a WWE superstar, but a Hall of Famer. To keep things fresh in the mode, new storylines for both male and female characters have been developed for MyRise.

WWE 2K22 Features MyRise

WWE 2K Showcase returns with new memories to relive in the virtual squared circle. While the full details of the mode aren’t known, it was revealed that Rey Mysterio’s journey to becoming World Champion will be a part of the mode.

The last thing mentioned in terms of modes is the redesigned Creation Suite. The suite will bring over 10,000 options for players to create the wrestling environment they choose. 

It’s Not Just About Modes

Though modes are certainly a major talking point among fans, how the game looks and feels is just as big, if not bigger. WWE 2K22 will feature an overhauled gameplay engine, new control schemes, improved presentation, and an updated graphics package.

Starting with the graphics. 2K Sports is utilizing all of the same scanning and animation technology that it uses for the NBA 2K series, allowing more finesse and detail with every wrestler in the game. With the presentation, 2K is hoping that improved lighting and shaders along with new camera angles and commentary updates will make WWE 2K22 feel the way players have been hoping for years.

Moving over to gameplay, developer Visual Concepts has built a new gameplay and animation engine from the ground up for WWE 2K22. The goal is to make a more fluid and realistic game that has every superstar not only feel different in the ring, but true to life. To help achieve this, there are over 30,000 returning moves scanned for the game. On top of that, not only will 5,000 new moves be a part of the game for the very first time, but “every single strike” has been rescanned and retimed for WWE 2K22.

What was announced provides just a high-level overview of the things to come . More details will come in full starting in January with the game’s cover star, deep dives, behind the scene looks at development, and more.

For a simple rundown, you can check out the list below:

  • Redesigned Gameplay Engine
  • New Controls
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Immersive Presentation 
  • New WWE 2K Showcase
  • MyGM
  • MyRISE
  • Universe Mode
  • Creation Suite

For more on new features coming to WWE 2K22, stick with Sports Gamers Online and check out  

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