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WWE 2K22 Ringside Report #2, MyGM Trailer, and More!

It’s been a busy morning for WWE 2K22 news. Early in the day, 2K dropped a brand new official trailer for the highly anticipate MyGM, the WWE 2K take on the previous General Manager mode. Now, the trailer is not incredibly length but there are some bits in there definitely worth noting. In addition, the team at 2K also dropped their second Ringside Report. If you missed the first, check out our coverage here.

WWE 2K22: MyGM trailer and More!

Picking up where the latest trailer leaves off, the newest Ringside Report covers details on the new MyGM mode. This time, the hosts are joined by producer, Bryan Fritz, senior designer, Chris Misenas, and design director, Alan Flores, three key individuals in bringing the MyGM mode to life. Off the bat, the crew goes into how the mode starts out. Players can select their show and separately GM with an option to create their own GM. What combinations player choose can and will impact their GM journey. Both brands and the GMs have boosts or “power cards” that give them an advantage in certain aspect of the mode. The feature brands include:

  • Raw
  • Smackdown
  • NXT
  • and NXT UK

Confirmed GMs include:

  • Adam Pearce
  • Sonya Deville
  • Shane McMahon
  • Stephanie McMahon

Of course, after select their GM and brand, players will need to draft their rosters. According to Lynell Jinks and company, there’s more to the draft than just choosing popular stars to fill the ranks. Players will start with a budget meaning getting all the expensive star upfront will be very cost down the line.


In addition, just because two stars are popular does not mean they will automatically have great matches. Superstars in MyGM feature classes aligning with their wrestling style. In order to create good performances, the roster will need to consist of various classes as some match up better than others. Players will also need to be conscious of venues and roster morale, all which contribute to the well-being of matches and shows.

Managing the brand

While much of the old GM mode is here, there is a ton of new content to experience. Unique to GM mode is a spectator mode. One can always watch a match, but in GM mode, the perspective is from a producer in the production truck. As the match advances, players can change camera angles and more. A huge difference this year is GMs are also onscreen personalities. In the old GM mode, players were regulated to a managing role. In WWE 2K22, the GM is onscreen and can affect matches like the McMahon family “Authority” faction. With the fourth essentially a thing of the past, players will need to be aware of superstar morale. If it gets too low, stars can opt to leave and have their performance affected.

Of course, no WWE show is complete without drama. Superstar rivalries make a return. We understand rivalries have varying levels of intensity, but it is not apparent how much control players have over them and if they work differently than Universe mode. My GM also feature some out of the ring items players will need to manage, these mostly being an extension of keeping superstar morale high and injuries low.

WWE 2K22



As superstars come and go, there is also the free agency pool, creating another item for a brand’s budget. Additionally, there is a “Legends” pool where GMs can sign legends to their brand, for a price. to help players along, MyGM offers tons of advice and pointers through multiple facets of the UI. Commissioner goals with be given to help players acquire boosts. Post match results let players know what worked and didn’t work for high and low rated matches. As the session wears on, Triple H will notify players of what they do well and what needs to be worked on. If the mode seems intimidating, Jinx notes these are meant to make understanding how to improve easily accessible.

MyGM vs Universe Mode

If you’re a long time player of the WWE and WWE 2K series, than you know Universe mode has been the stand-in for this for a long time. The major difference now is in MyGM mode the aim is to win. Its said a season of MyGM can go 15 to 50 or 55 week sessions. It is not clear whether this ends the mode and players start over or if the mode continues. That said, MyGM can be played against the AI or local Co-op.

At the time of this writing, the recorded version of the Ringside Report has not been posted. Once it is, I highly recommend giving it a watch. There are small tidbits that should get any fan excited, including views of entrances, lighting and a few surprising roster inclusions like Isaiah Swerve Scott and confirmations on WALTER.

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