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WWE Superstars Attempt To Guess Their WWE 2K18 Overall Rating

WWE 2K18

Article by Matthew Sherdan

With WWE 2K18 set to release on October 13, 2017, various WWE superstars were asked to predict their ratings. As expected, some superstars take their WWE 2K18 rating seriously, and want a high number that conveys their dominance. Other wrestlers take a more laid back, jovial approach when guessing their initial rating.

Eight WWE Superstars currently on the roster were asked to guess their initial WWE 2K18  overall rating. Here’s a few of the comments and thoughts the superstars had regarding their 2K18 rating.

Samoa Joe says he’d like to see a rating somewhere in the 90’s. “It better be high, it better be in the 90’s, or we have an issue.” Samoa Joe’s rating is an 88 overall, just short of his expected 90 or better.

Braun Strowman shared his thoughts on his overall rating. “It better be higher everyone’s, cause if not, you’re gonna have a problem with me,” Strowman warned. Well, we hate to break to Braun, but his rating will be an 88 when the game is launched in a couple of weeks.

Superstar Sheamus is still upset at last year’s overall rating that had him at an 83 overall. “Last year’s rating was [expletive],” Sheamus energetically remarked. This year’s rating is a little better as Sheamus will begin the year with an 85 overall rating.

Current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal feels his rating should reflect his status as the champ. “I’m WWE Champion… it should be 100,” Mahal exclaimed with a slight smirk on his face. Champion or not, Jinder Mahal’s initial WWE 2K18 rating is an 88 overall.

When asked about his rating, Seth Rollins replied, “I already know mine.” After being asked whether or not he was happy about his rating, Rollins emphatically replied, “NO!” Coincidentally, Rollins is the highest rated superstar among the group interviewed as he comes in with a 92 overall rating.

Clearly, more than just a couple of superstars seem to care about their WWE 2K18 ratings. More than a couple expect higher numbers than what they are being given.

There are exceptions, though. When asked what he thinks his overall rating should be, Finn Balor smiled and replied, “Probably like 4.” Of course, Balor is rated much higher than his predicted four. He comes into 2K18 with an 88 overall. On a side note, Balor’s “alter ego,” Demon, is rated a 92 overall–the same as Seth Rollins.

WWE 2K18 will be made available on October 17 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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