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WWE Wanted Returned Wrestler In WWE 2K22

WWE wanted 2K to add Cody Rhodes to WWE 2K22 after he returned to the company back in April.

Though he didn’t return to the company until a month after the game’s launch, WWE knew of the plans to bring him back in February. Unfortunately, though, that was far too short of notice for the developers at 2K to do anything to get him into the game.

“WWE tried, but it was quickly shot done,” a person close to the development team said. “They knew it was unlikely, but you don’t know for sure unless you ask.”

Creating a singular character takes weeks of effort from the staff. The team has to scan the wrestler, capture the entrance animations, update moves if needed, and then capture audio from the commentary team. It becomes more difficult for ring entrances as Greg Hamilton, who does the ring entrances for WWE 2K22, is no longer with the WWE.

Even as DLC for the game, which Rhodes would’ve been, it was still too little time for him to be added.

Rhodes will be a part of the next WWE 2K title, but for now players will just have to rely on the community creations to play as The American Nightmare.

Recently it was confirmed that 2K Sports had removed former NXT wrestler Nash Carter from an upcoming DLC pack. Carter was he was released from WWE in April.

What do you think of WWE trying to get Cody Rhodes added to WWE 2K22? Let us know in the comment section below, and take the discussion further in the official SGO Discord server.

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Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson
1 month ago

Take the couple weeks to make him, and charge $50 for the American Nightmare DLC with him, Dusty, and maybe a belt or something. I’d pay it, hell I’d pay $60 to be able to hit a Cody Cutter on Roman’s punk a**!

1 month ago

Great idea