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WWE 2K17: New Features Revealed

Brock Lesnar

2K Sports just revealed some of the features that will be included in WWE 2K17 ahead of the game’s October 11 release date.  Here’s how the information we’ve been provided so far breaks down:


In recent years 2K Sports has shifted the WWE franchise away from the arcade style gameplay of past titles towards simulation-based gameplay, and they will continue pushing the franchise in that direction with WWE 2K17 by improving on existing gameplay mechanics and the responsiveness of gameplay. 2K Sports has brought back the ability to fight backstage and in the crowds. Game systems like Ladders and Taunts have been updated, while a new secondary submission system has been introduced. WWE 2K17 also boasts thousands of new animations.


The WWE 2K17 Creation Suite is a system that enables players to customize, build, and share fighters, arenas, entrances, and other gameplay elements.  2K Sports has added new creation features and provided move options for existing creation features within this system. They’ve added more character customization and adjustment options, including customizing body hair. 2K Sports has also introduced a Highlight Replay system, which allows players to record match highlights. Players can use the footage from these highlights to create custom videos, which can be used to accompany the entrances of created superstars—courtesy of the new Create a Video feature. The Create a Show feature from past titles has also been improved, and a Create a Victory feature has been added.

2K Showcase

2K Sports has decided not to include a 2K Showcase in WWE 2K17. The reason for this decision is that many historic WWE superstars were not available for inclusion in the game.

WWE Universe Mode

WWE Universe Mode recreates the drama of the WWE live shows Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT. The presentation system in WWE 2K17 will incorporate run-ins with other fighters, as well as post- and pre-match attacks. WWE 2K17 will also feature a Promo Engine that lets superstars express their thoughts to the rest of the WWE universe. 2K Sports has also revamped Universe Mode cutscenes, including familiar and new scenarios.

My Career

MyCareer mode also benefits from the new Promo Engine. Backstage interviews in this mode are further enhanced by backstage brawling gameplay. In MyCareer mode, how a player competes, reacts, speaks, and even how they dress can affect their superstar’s career. A showdown with Brock Lesnar and his associate Paul Heyman also shapes the future of superstars in this game mode.

More to Come

2K Sports has also confirmed that the roster of fighters in WWE 2K17 will be bigger than last year’s title, and there is more information to come regarding online gameplay and other features.


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