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WWE 2K18 Gives You A Look At Backstage Areas

WWE 2K18 Backstage Arenas

2K’s Lynell Jinks, returns again this week with WWE 2K18 WWE2KDev Spotlight episode six. This time around, Jinks takes us backstage in WWE 2K18 to show off a hand full of traversable spots and areas in the game.

WWE 2K18 Backstage

Lynell Jinks opens the video by noting there will not be any new gameplay clips shown. Rather, it will be a series of still images. Nonetheless, the images are still impressive. The game continues to look gorgeous. The images show Seth Rollins and Cesaro trading blows in a series of areas. The areas seemed to include:

  • Side lobby  – 00:48
  • Locker Room A – 00:52
  • Hallway A – 00:59
  • Triple H’s office – 01:05
  • Catering – 1:15
  • Locker Room B – 01:38
  • Security Hallway – 1:43
  • Parking Lot A – 1:53

That about wraps up the video. Jinks does mention that this is only a few areas. In addition, these will all be available in WWE 2K18 MyCareer as well.

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