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WWE 2K18: Behind the Scenes of Motion Capture With Shane McMahon

WWE 2K18

When it comes to animations in a wrestling game, players want to see moves that look as close to real life as possible.

With WWE 2K18, the developers at 2K Sports are working towards bringing fans exactly that.

WWE has released a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what it’s like for someone to do their own moves for the game. Specifically, it’s SmackDown on-air Commissioner Shane McMahon getting into the motion capture suit for some action.

From his famous moves like the top-rope elbow and the coast-to-coast to his memorable entrance, McMahon wanted everything fans and his children saw to look exactly like it does when he shows up on their TV screens.

“One of the things that was brought to my attention was my kids when they’re playing, they’re like, ‘Dad, you’re moving a little differently than when we see you live’,” McMahon said. “So, I said I wanted to do my own motion capture.”

He added that to do it right, one has to imagine they’re actually standing inside an arena full of fans as opposed to a small group of people in a studio.

Of course, he did try and get a little help from the developers for when he plays his kids in the game.

“I specifically asked those guys, I said, ‘Look, if you could juice up my levels on everything so I’m unbeatable, that would be perfect for me’,” he said.

WWE 2K18 launches on Tuesday, October 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and, for the first time ever on the same day, PC.

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