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WWE 2K18 Gameplay Footage On Nintendo Switch, Still No Release Date

WWE 2K18 Gameplay

As most of you know, the developers of WWE 2K18 have yet to confirm the game’s actual and definite release date for the Nintendo Switch console. However, it seems that the game has already been made available for the Nintendo Switch in some European markets.

While Switch users wait patiently for the release of the game here in the U.S., recent footage of WWE 2K18 gameplay surfaced, leaving many Switch players scratching their heads wondering if the footage is real or fake.

As you can see, the footage shows an 8-man match option in the menu screen, which is the biggest signal to many that the footage is indeed fake. Another clear indicator that this footage might not be legitimate is the quality of the graphics. The graphics in general aren’t going to be the same quality as the PS4 or Xbox.

The game footage isn’t complete with the 24 GB download and the most recent game patches. That will definitely have an effect on the game’s look and feel given it is in fact legitimate footage in the video above.

The game’s developers at 2K have yet to comment on the legitimacy of the above footage. The time frame of when the footage was recorded is also not known, and the good people at 2K have yet to comment on that, either.

When the game is definitely made available, we’ll let you know. Check back with SGO regularly for all the news and notes regarding WWE 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch.

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