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WWE 2K18 Gets Follow Up Patch 1.04

WWE 2K18 Patch 1.04

Just last week, 2K released patch 1.03 for WWE 2K18. The patch provided many fixes for game breaking bugs. You can find the full details and patch notes in our coverage of it on Sports Gamer Online. Many assumed the patch would be released on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. However, 1.03 only made its way to the PlayStation 4 version. PC and Xbox users were said to get the patch “soon.” As of today, 1.03 will skip Xbox and PC completely in favor of the new patch 1.04.

WWE 2K18 Patch 1.04

Hours ago via Twitter, 2K announced the arrival of WWE 2K18 patch 1.04 for the PS4. As one can assume, many users flooded the comments section in question of its arrival on Xbox and PC. 2K then followed the original tweet stating that the new 1.04 patch will make its way to PC and Xbox One in the next 24 hours. This patch includes all the fixes from 1.03 and adds more. You can see the new notes from 1.04 exclusively below.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed character head-tracking
  • AI reversal rate properly resets after successful reversals
  • Carry mini game adjusted as well as AI’s escape logic
  • Fixed damage display for several submission animations
  • Carry/Drag announce table interactions now affect Table Break meter
  • Adjusted Table Grapple reversals
  • Minor reversal prompts for Top Rope Grapples will now display properly
  • Fixed scoring issues for Tag Team 2-out-of-3 Falls matches
  • Improved backstage navigation when carrying opponents
  • Tag Team Championship victories scenes will now play correctly
  • Fixed AI issue that allowed it to escape grapples too quickly
  • Rolling Savate is now reversible

In addition, here are some adjustments made to the WWE Universe mode.

  • Win conditions for Money in the Bank cash-ins fixed
  • Blank matches will no longer be created when using custom superstars
  • Superstars will properly use alternate attires during run-ins
  • Customized shows should no longer suffer from endless loading screens
  • Royal Rumble win conditions for Universe mode have been updated.
Getting the patch

PlayStation 4 users should be able to access the patch now. Xbox and PC users still have some time to wait. However, at least now there is an ETA.

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