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WWE 2K18 10 Things You Need to Know

WWE 2K18 Top 10 Things you Need to Know

It’s October and in just a little under two weeks, WWE 2K18 will be released. If you’re still on the fence or just simply not sure which version to buy, don’t worry. Sports Gamers Online has got you covered with 10 things you need to know about WWE 2K18. Hopefully, this list will give you some semblance of what version to get or why you should add this year’s game to your library.

WWE 2K18 Top 10 Things you Need to Know

Early Access

This year, 2K is allowing fans to get their hands on WWE 2K18 early. The official release date for the game is October 17. However, for those who pre-order the deluxe or collector’s edition will recieve access to their game four days earlier. So, if you haven’t already, pre-order your copy now before October 13.

Which Edition to Buy

Speaking of copies, there are three editions to choose from this year. WWE 2K18 comes in standard, deluxe and collector’s edition. The standard edition is the base game without DLC. If you pre-order this one, you’ll receive two playable versions of Kurt Angle. This includes the iconic Olympic Gold Medalist and ECW Wrestling Machine gimmicks.

You can think of the WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition as a tier one upgrade. It comes with the base game, the season pass and standard pre-order bonus.

And lastly, there’s the WWE 2K18 Collector’s Cena (Nuff) Edition. It features the entire deluxe edition and then some. You can see the full breakdown including the physical content here.

As mentioned before, you can only get the early access by pre-ordering the deluxe or collector’s edition. If you need more convincing, check out the season pass and downloadable content details.

If you’re stuck between the deluxe and collector’s edition, don’t worry. It really boils down to how much you like John Cena and how much your wallet likes John Cena. The deluxe edition features the same exclusive in game content as the collector’s edition. You’ll still receive Batista, Rob Van Dam and the playable John Cenas if you go small. However, if you have the money to spare and really like John Cena, go big and get the physical exclusives included in the WWE 2K18 Cena (Nuff) Collector’s Edition.

Platforms, PC Launch & Early Access

For the first time, the PC version of a 2K WWE game will release on the same day as its console brethren. WWE 2K18 will release October 17 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Notice, the absent last generation consoles. Starting this year, 2K is no longer releasing on old gen consoles. Furthermore, there has not been word on the exact date for the Nintendo Switch launch.

For PC specifically, no version of the game will receive the early access even if you pre-order the correct editions of WWE 2K18.

New Mechanics

Annual launches for sports games are often regarded as simple roster updates that cost you $59.99. While an understandable sentiment, it’s never quite entirely true. This year, 2K looks to prove the latter in WWE 2K18. Since officially acquiring the license in 2013, Take-Two’s sports division has slowly pushed the limits of the wrestling experience in video games. Rebranded as WWE 2K, the WWE games’ brand has been striving for near perfect authenticity.

To do that, WWE 2K18 invites new ways to play. The improved and new mechanics are spread across several game modes and general gameplay. The first is the introduction of the new carry system. A mechanic that helps players set up spots and big moments during matches. You can find the details in our breakdown on the developer spotlight episode.

The changes don’t stop there. The MyCareer, Universe Mode and multiplayer mode have been enhanced and improved to bring a whole new WWE experience. A lot of the details can be seen here in our breakdown covering fighting styles, attributes and skills.

There’s a lot of new things this year. The best way to see them all is to get the game.

Enhanced Creation Suite

Along with the new mechanics is a host of new options in the Creation Suite. In addition to new attire pieces, the suite has new options and materials to further customize your superstar. This includes materials that glow when exposed to certain lighting. You can get all the details on the improved Creation Suite in our article breakdown.

New Graphics Engine

The biggest addition to WWE 2K18 is a brand new graphics engine. In addition to upgraded models, this year will feature a whole new lighting system. And thanks to the new engine, WWE 2K18 also has enhanced visual presentation. From larger more spacious arenas to immersive backstage areas, 2K18 is bringing a bigger game this year. This is on top of all the other new additions as well.

Largest Roster

WWE 2K18 sports one the largest rosters to date. It features some the biggest stars from 205 Live, Smackdown Live, NXT and RAW. This includes stars like Kassius Ohno, Roderick Strong, Cedric Alexander and Alexa Bliss. The downloadable content packs extend that roster by adding even more names like The Hardy Boyz and Aleister Black.

Corey Graves on Commentary

Corey Graves makes his in game commentary debut in WWE 2K18. This year, he’ll be joining Michael Cole and Byron Saxton. Some have already criticized the commentary that’s been heard in released gameplay footage. Whether its good or bad is up to you. However, the team from NBA 2K pitched in this year. Their help ought to improve the commentary tremendously.

Enhanced Servers

Awhile back, 2K posted a job opening for an online game designer. We weren’t quite sure as to why until after the unveiling of the online Road To Glory mode. You can see the trailer and breakdown here.  The inclusion of this unique multiplayer mode and the seeking of online talent points towards better servers for this year’s game. Hopefully, it translates into other online features as well, such as community creations.

Nintendo Switch Launch

That’s right. Not only will WWE 2K18 be on PC during the console launch, the Nintendo Switch will be getting a version of the game as well. There is no official word as to a launch date or if there will be features missing. Either way, the inclusion of the Switch is definitely a welcomed approach.

WWE 2K18 is set to launch October 17 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Want to talk sports and/or games with the fastest growing community in gaming? Join the conversation in the comment section below as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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