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Man Builds A PlayStation/Xbox Combo Machine


Modder Ed Zarick from Ed’s Junk has shown off his latest creation to the world. Meet the Xstation: a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combo elegantly housed in the same case.

Taking hardware from an Xbox One S and a PlayStation 4 Slim, he placed them in two separate sides of a custom case. The final product is fully functional and smaller than the two separate consoles. The costume case is not quite as wide as either system on its own. It’s also only a smidge taller than a regular Xbox One S. He couldn’t reduce the size too much since both systems require their own hardware and disk drives. Each system also uses its own controller.

On the front of the console, a blue light under the PlayStation side and a green light on the Xbox One side shows which system is running. He notes that both can’t run at once due to the combined hardware producing too much heat. A switch on the front designates which system is getting power and running to the TV. The Xstation only requires one power cord and HDMI cable.

While we don’t get to see the inside of the Xstation, he does say the heatsinks are aligned so both systems can stay cool.

What’s possibly even more impressive is he went from concept to the working product in about two weeks.

Unfortunately, the video does not show how he obtained or made the custom case, and it doesn’t show the inside of the Xstation. Regardless of the missing details, the end result is slick.

While this particular system is not for sale, Ed Zarick does make and sell other modded systems. He sells a laptop-style PlayStation 4 and a Xbox One, though each one is its own system. Both systems include the full hardware for their respected systems. Each one also has a nineteen-inch monitor that folds over the top when not in use. The systems are a bit beastly in a good way but do not possess batteries. So if you’re going to play on either of them, you’ll still need power from a wall outlet. The portable system also includes HDMI out. That way you can hook it up to your TV at home or elsewhere whenever you want.

You can check those out on his website:

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