We are a few games into NSFL season 4 and I wanted to share my thoughts on the rest of the season. I’m gonna give a break down of each division and predict who I think will win them.

JFF AFC East Division
Examining the AFC East Division

To no ones surprise the Buffalo Bills after 3 games sit atop the AFC EAST with a 3-0 record sporting a top 5 scoring D and offense they might be to much to overcome. The Jets off the a quick start at 2-1 while Pats and Phins bring up the rear.


JFF AFC North Division
Examination of the AFC North Division

This division is off to a hot start, everyone after 3 games is 2-1. The Browns with management in flux traded their franchise qb in the offseason still rank in the top 10 in all key offensive categories. Not to be out done the defense is top 5 in all categories. The Steelers rank towards the middle of the pack in offensive and defensive stats but they got a big division win over the Browns in week 3. The Ravens also has a top 10 D which gives them a chance. The Bengals offense to start the season is on fire averaging 30 points a game led by Everett Carter and Giovani Bernard this is pretty much a toss up.

PREDICTED WINNER: Pittsburgh Steelers



Taking a look at the AFC South Division
Taking a look at the AFC South Division

Let me start by saying with previous division winner Jacksonville off to a 1-2 start this division is pretty much up for grabs. You would think the blockbuster trade the Texans made for Manziel in the offseason would pay off but so far the chemistry just has not been there, there off to a 1-2 start. Good news for Titans fans, the team went winless last season but there on board with a 1-2 start. The colts well they have Andrew luck and are a top 10 scoring team. There off to a quick start at 2-1. Jags started off slow last season and heated up late I don’t think they can pull that off again.

PREDICTED WINNER: Indianapolis Colts
JFF AFC West Division
Examining the AFC West Division

The AFC is very competitive but this division on its own put 3 teams in the playoffs. This division is home of the SUPER BOWL CHAMP. Let’s start with the Raiders who start 1-3 but they have a top 10 passing attack and one of the best young qbs in the game in Derrick Carr. The Broncos start 3-0 with a boatload of talent on both sides of the ball won the division last year. The Chargers who were the surprise team of last season after firing their head coach early in the season and promoting their assistant coach they managed to make the playoffs and now they start 4-0. Let’s get to the Chiefs who are 3-0 with there suspended head coach set to return. The have the leagues top rushing attack and they are defending champs. In the AFC this is the toughest division and this was the toughest prediction.

PREDICTED WINNER: Kansas City Chiefs


NFC East Division
Examining the NFC East Division

Here we go the good ole NFC EAST well to start the season we got the Eagles probably looking at a coaching change soon with the 0-4 start. To everyone’s surprise the GIANTS are 0-3 off to a slow start. The COWBOYS last years division winners off to a very slow start for their standard only averaging 11 points a game have not figured it out yet to begin the season. Upstart Washington are off to hot start with a 3-0 record and a explosive offense averaging almost 400 yards a game. I think the Washington offense will be to much for the division to handle this year.


JFF NFC North Division
Examining the NFC North Division

This is a four team division that always ends up being a two team race. To no disrespect to the LIONS AND BEARS but the VIKINGS and PACKERS have been dominating this division and I don’t think it will change. The Vikings off to a hot start 3-0 lead the league in scoring 32.3 points a game and have a stout run defense only giving up 43 yards a game. The Packers start off 2-1 deciding to take the ball out of Aaron Rodgers hands a go with Erik Denney and because of it the passing game is suffering. The qb change might be to much to overcome this year for the previous division winner.

PREDICTED WINNER: Minnesota Vikings



Breaking down the NFC South division
Breaking down the NFC South division

With last years division winner Atlanta Falcons off to a 0-3 start, let’s just say this division is up for grabs. The Falcons are turning the ball over to much this year and if they expect to climb out of the early whole that has to stop. The Saints also winless only averaging 10 points a game and are dead last in rushing. Being 0-3 they also have to figure things out to turn it around. The Buccaneers sit at 1-2 with hope that their top 10 defense can carry them to glory. Division leading PANTHERS are off to a 2-1 start but only averaging 15 points a game and having a middle of the pack defense they aren’t exactly running away with the division unless they improve as well. With no division games played yet I think the Falcons still have hope!


NFC West Teams
NFC West Preview

The mighty NFC WEST like the AFC WEST had 3 teams with double digit wins last year but all 3 did not qualify for the playoffs. To start the season we got the team that made the Super Bowl off to a slow start. After the crushing defeat in the Super Bowl the team is sputtering to open the season at 1-2. The 49ers who were a top team all last season also start at 1-2. With the offense struggling early who knows what type of season they are gonna have. Division champs from last year are 2-1 but are also struggling in key areas. Ranked next to last in total offense there has to be some concern coming from the Arizona camp. They still have a top flight defense so I’m sure they will figure it out. The surprise of the division and season so far is the resurgence of the Seattle Seahawks at 3-0 the offense is flying high averaging 27 points a game. With the defense getting back to themselves only giving up 11 points a game. The true test for Seattle will be the division games. So with that being said I think the cards are to talented not to come out back on top.

PREDICTED WINNER: Arizona Cardinals