As many as five teams remain undefeated in The JFF during the Summer 2015 season: Arizona, Cincinnati, Dallas, Green Bay, and Tampa Bay.

The Week Six “Game of the Week” is the JFF Dallas Cowboys (Cliff) AT JFF Seattle Seahawks (Cadillac)

Other interesting Week Six match-ups include:

JFF Indianapolis Colts AT JFF Houston Texans
JFF New England Patriots AT JFF Buffalo Bills
JFF Washington Redskins AT JFF Arizona Cardinals

The Week Seven “Game of the Week” is the JFF San Francisco 49ers (Pasadena Soldier) AT JFF Denver Broncos (Kory G)

Other interesting Week Seven match-ups include:

JFF Cincinnati Bengals AT JFF Indianapolis Colts
JFF Houston Texans AT JFF Pittsburgh Steelers

San Francisco Owner / Coach Pasadena Soldier sparks debate about Summer 2015 Gameplay Slider Settings

Victor Saucier, otherwise known in the Madden NFL Community as “Pasadena Soldier” provoked a conversation and debate in the league’s GroupMe Chat regarding the disparity between the Connected Franchise Mode’s (CFM) Player Skills slider settings and the CPU Skills slider settings. Soldier argues that the Player (Human User) Skills slider settings and the CPU Skills slider settings should be exactly the same, particularly for the categories of QB Accuracy and WR Catching.

The JFF League Commissioner has maintained a set of different slider settings for Player Skills and CPU Skills primarily for the purpose of creating more close, competitive contests for human user vs. CPU-controlled teams.

What do you think? If you are an active league member in the Summer 2015 season, you can let your thoughts be known right now by participating in this league survey (Click Here). Note: Survey results will not guarantee a modification in the league’s gameplay slider settings for this season, but will definitely influence slider settings in future seasons of The JFF.

Pasadena Soldier was the JFF Super Bowl Champion during the Spring / Summer 2013 season. The JFF League Commissioner has never been known in previous seasons to modify the league’s gameplay rules or slider settings once Week One of the Regular Season begins.

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JFF Power Rankings - Installment #3