“The Natural” captured his second JFF Super Bowl Championship, and first since the Fall 2006 season, as his JFF Carolina Panthers (13-3-0; 3-0 in playoffs) defeated Alan C a.k.a. “Air Attack” and his JFF Indianapolis Colts (12-4-0; 3-1 in playoffs) 34-10 in last night’s JFF Super Bowl X.

Technically, there were two Super Bowl contests played on Monday evening (or to be more specific, one-and-a-half games). The truth is, the first game – which ended with the online game freezing unexpectedly with 33 seconds remaining in the 2nd Quarter – was a much more exciting game to watch than the second contest that was played afterward. In the second contest, the game was never in doubt as the NFC Conference Champion JFF Panthers started out with a 14 point lead and were never really challenged the remainder of the game by the AFC Conference Champion JFF Colts.

In the first contest however, both teams scored a total of 42 points in two quarters … just two points shy of the total points scored by both teams for the entire second contest. The first contest was much more competitive for practically the entire First Half of the game, with the exception of the last play before the game froze.

The first game started off with the JFF Colts receiving the ball first, and on the very first play from their own 29-yard line, JFF Colts HB Trent Richardson, the second leading rusher in the league this season, rushed up the middle through the JFF Panthers’ defense for a 71-yard touchdown to give Indianapolis a quick 7-0 lead.

Kelvin Benjamin eludes defenders on the way to the endzone.

When the JFF Panthers got the ball back, they methodically went down field and executed a 10-play drive that lasted 4:38 which was topped off when JFF Panthers HB Jonathan Stewart got into the endzone from four yards out with 3:06 remaining the 1st Quarter to tie the score at 7-7.

On the JFF Colts second drive of the game, the JFF Panthers defense clamped down on them and forced them to punt after only three offensive plays. The JFF Panthers started their second drive of the game on their own 41-yard line after an overturned fumble recovery by Indianapolis. Four plays later, JFF Panthers QB Cam Newton found Kelvin Benjamin all alone in the endzone on a 40 yard pass to WR Kelvin Benjamin to give Carolina the lead at 14-7 five seconds into the 2nd Quarter.

The JFF Colts began their third drive of the game on their own 20-yard line, and on the second play of that drive, JFF Panthers ROLB Thomas Davis got injured and was knocked out of the game with 7:31 remaining in the First Half. On the very next play, JFF Colts QB Terrelle Pryor attempted to throw a quick bullet pass to WR T.Y. Hilton, but it was intercepted by JFF Panthers MLB D.J. Smith at Indianapolis’ 26-yard line. Unfortunately, on Carolina’s first play from scrimmage after intercepting Pryor’s pass, JFF Panthers QB Cam Newton turned the ball right back over when JFF Colts FS Michael Huff intercepted a pass intended for JFF Panther WR Mike Thomas.

Huge INT that helped keep the Colts in the game.

The JFF Colts started their second drive of the 2nd Quarter on their own 19-yard line, and Indianapolis finally settled into the run-oriented groove that earned them a berth in the Super Bowl in the first place. JFF Colts HB Trent Richardson was a workhorse in this drive, accumulating just under fifty yards on the drive. Carolina received more bad news in the injury department, as LOLB Jason Williams became the second player to be removed from the contest because of a game-ending injury.

Benjamin shows off during his second touchdown of the contest.

Facing a 3rd and 12 situation at Carolina’s 49-yard line, JFF Colts QB Terrelle Pryor completed only his second pass of the game when he connected with WR Vincent Jackson on a 25 yard pass play that gave Indianapolis a First Down at Carolina’s 24-yard line. Four plays later, Richardson found some daylight for an 11-yard scamper up the middle to score his second touchdown of the game and complete an 11 play 81 yard drive to knot the score at 14-14 with 2:59 remaining in the First Half.

It was at this point that Indianapolis began to crumble a bit, and Carolina began to take control of the game. Starting at their own 26-yard line, the JFF Panthers quickly moved downfield using a no-huddle / hurry-up offense, and on 2nd and 9 from Indianapolis’ 49-yard line, JFF Panthers QB Cam Newton threw a long bomb to his slot WR Mike Thomas to give Carolina a 21-14 lead with 1:10 remaining before Halftime. The drive covered 74 yards in six plays in only one minute and 45 seconds.

And if that quick score was not enough to shake the confidence of Air Attack’s JFF Colts, what happened on their very next drive was even worse. Indianapolis started their final drive of the Half on their own 18-yard line, and JFF Colts QB Terrelle Pryor began executing his own no-huddle / hurry-up scheme. Pryor hit WR Vincent Jackson over the middle for an 18-yard pick up, and then quickly hit WR T.Y. Hilton for an 11 yard gain. Then, with 42 seconds remaining in the Half, Pryor dropped back and attempted to connect with Hilton for the second time in a row, but JFF Panthers CB Dunta Robinson anticipated the pass and intercepted the ball and returned it 51 yards for the touchdown with 33 seconds remaining in the Half.

Sadly, right after the extra point was completed by JFF Panthers Kicker Graham Gano to give Carolina a commanding 28-14 lead, the game froze and the two Super Bowl participants had to quit the game and replay the league Super Bowl Championship contest over. Air Attack was not happy at all.

“EA Sports needs to get their act together,” said Air, making his second appearance in the JFF Super Bowl, and first since the Spring 2003 season when his JFF St. Louis Rams lost to former league member Justin “Wacavelli” Acton and his JFF Denver Broncos 21-0. “Even though I got behind before Halftime in the first game, I was still very confident and enthused heading into Halftime. Trent Richardson had 159 yards rushing and two touchdowns, and I knew what adjustments I needed to make on defense. But when we had to replay the game, I lost probably 90% of my enthusiasm and confidence. I was not even focused on playing hard or winning in the second game. I was just trying to prevent a major blowout. I hated the fact that the game froze. That has never happened in a JFF Super Bowl contest before. Everyone I spoke with in the league said they enjoyed watching the first game, but they were not even into the second game. It was a snoozer. No exciting plays, no suspense at all. Everyone knew The Natural was going to win that game by the middle of the 1st Quarter. I feel like EA Sports owes me a refund for this version.”

Coach Natural could not be reached for comment after the game as we were informed he was too busy enjoying copious amounts of, “hookers and blow” celebrating yet another Super Bowl victory.

In the second game, Indianapolis punted the ball to Carolina two consecutive times, and allowed them to score to give them a 14-point lead. After that, Carolina was never really threatened by Indianapolis and by the end of the game, JFF Colts HB Trent Richardson finished the contest with less than half of the rushing yards he had in the first two quarters of the first contest.


The Super Bowl Championship was The Natural’s first since a 62-48 victory over Wacavelli’s JFF San Diego Chargers in JFF Super Bowl VII during the Fall 2006 season. During that season, The Natural was the Owner / Coach of the JFF San Francisco 49ers.


The stats of the second replayed contest are below.

Fall 2014 Super Bowl Recap

Past JFF Super Bowl Champions and scores:

Fall / Winter 2002-03 Season – JFF Super Bowl I

JFF San Francisco 49ers (ShowBiz) 24, JFF Denver Broncos (The Dean) 21

Spring 2003 Season – JFF Super Bowl II

JFF Denver Broncos (Wacavelli) 21, JFF St. Louis Rams (Air Attack) 0

Fall 2003 Season – JFF Super Bowl III

JFF New Orleans Saints (Wacavelli) 35, JFF Tennessee Titans (The Dean) 14

Spring 2004 Season – JFF Super Bowl IV

[Contest was canceled due to both of the Super Bowl participants committing scheduling violations]

Fall 2004 Season – JFF Super Bowl V

JFF New York Giants (Cadillac) 41, JFF Cleveland Browns (Mike Harley) 14

Fall 2005 Season – JFF Super Bowl VI

JFF Minnesota Vikings (Wacavelli) 17, JFF Buffalo Bills (n9tmre) 13

Fall 2006 Season – JFF Super Bowl VII

JFF San Francisco 49ers (The Natural) 62, JFF San Diego Chargers (Wacavelli) 48

Spring / Summer 2013 Season – JFF Super Bowl VIII

JFF Houston Texans (Pasadena Soldier) 37, JFF New York Giants (Mike Ruiz) 31 OT

Fall 2013 Season – JFF Super Bowl IX

JFF Baltimore Ravens (Cliff) 21, JFF Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Top Dawg) 18

Fall 2014 Season – JFF Super Bowl X

JFF Carolina Panthers (The Natural) 34, JFF Indianapolis Colts (Air Attack) 10

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