I am The JFF Website Manager and Story Editor, and this is the FIRST installment of the Spring 2015 “Power Rankings.” Each installment will usually be posted sometime on Friday morning or afternoon, but on some weeks they will be posted as early as Thursday afternoon or evening, and other weeks they may not be posted until as late as Monday morning or afternoon. There will be eight more installments after this one, with Installment #5 being my “Mid-Season Report Card” and Installment #9 being my “Regular Season Wrap-Up & Playoff Preview.”

The JFF Power Rankings have been around longer than arguably any other edition of Madden NFL Online League Power Rankings in the entire country. The first edition of the JFF Power Rankings was posted in March 2003 during the second season of The JFF Madden NFL (PS2) Online League. So this season will be the tenth consecutive season of the JFF Power Rankings.

In seven of the last ten seasons, the team that finished ranked #1 in the Final Regular Season Power Rankings went on to win the JFF Super Bowl that season. The only three exceptions were the Fall 2003 season (The #1 team lost in the Divisional Round), the Spring 2004 season (The Super Bowl was canceled because of rules violations by the participants), and the Fall 2013 season (during the Fall 2013 season, the #1 team in the Power Rankings lost in JFF Super Bowl IX to the #2 team in the Power Rankings).

The JFF Power Rankings have been so popular in the past, that even members of other leagues have paid attention to them (and even offered Yours Truly $money$ to create Power Rankings with detailed commentary for their respective leagues!).

The initial installment (this one) is HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE (i.e., based on The Story Editor’s opinion). Then, each team will either move up, move down, or remain in the same spot depending on both the ‘quality’ and quantity of their wins and/or losses throughout the Regular Season.

So … what is new and interesting this season?

1) The Natural and the JFF Carolina Panthers are STILL the team to beat

Curtis K. a.k.a. ‘The Natural’ attempted to fool everyone during the Fall 2014 Regular Season by repeatedly claiming that he was “not that good.” Yeah, okay. During the Fall 2014 playoffs, the JFF Panthers knocked off Tim Dog’s JFF Green Bay Packers 24-14 in the Divisional Round, then breezed by Cadillac’s JFF 49ers 38-17 in the NFC Conference Championship, before finally earning The Natural his second JFF Super Bowl Championship with a decisive 34-10 victory over Air Attack’s JFF Colts.

So, the question has to be asked: Can ANYONE in the league knock off The Natural’s JFF Panthers during the Regular Season and/or the Playoffs? To date, The Natural is one of only two league members in the history of The JFF to never lose to a human opponent in both the Regular Season and the playoffs (the other being Spring / Summer 2013 league member Victor Saucier a.k.a. “Pasadena Soldier”). Defending his Super Bowl Championship and aspiring to earn two in a row should be interesting. Only one other league member has won two Super Bowl Championships consecutively, and that was Justin “Wacavelli” Acton (Spring 2003 Champion and Fall 2003 Champion).

2) The JFF starts the Regular Season with the most league members since the Fall 2006 season!

Of the twenty-nine human users that are Owners / Coaches in The JFF this season, sixteen have participated in the league at least one season before, and thirteen are brand new members. This season marks the most human users in the league at the start of Regular Season Week One since the Fall 2006 season when the league started with a full 32 human users for Week One.

New League Members:

Anthony G. a.k.a. “Rza” – JFF Chicago Bears
Brett B. a.k.a. “Barrett” – JFF Tennessee Titans
Daniel F. a.k.a. “Fet” – JFF Portland River Hogs
James K. a.k.a. “James” – JFF Baltimore Ravens
Ramon B. a.k.a. “Swag” – JFF Washington Redskins
Robert D. a.k.a. “Rob” – JFF St. Louis Rams
Ryan A. a.k.a. “Ryan” – JFF New Orleans Saints
Scott H. a.k.a. “Afroman” – JFF Denver Broncos
Shane F. a.k.a. “Shane” – JFF Seattle Seahawks
Shaun M. a.k.a. “Shaun” – JFF Pittsburgh Steelers
Tony J. a.k.a. “Tony” – JFF New York Jets
Trevor B. a.k.a. “Trevor” – JFF Buffalo Bills
Wesley S. a.k.a. “Coach Sweat” – JFF New York Giants

Returning / Former League Members:

Addison D. a.k.a. “Deuce” – JFF Houston Texans
Alan C. a.k.a. “Air” – JFF Indianapolis Colts
Andrew C. a.k.a. “Andrew” – JFF New England Patriots
Clifton S. a.k.a. “Cliff” – JFF Dallas Cowboys
Curtis K. a.k.a. “The Natural” – JFF Carolina Panthers
Damian P. a.k.a. “Damian” – JFF Arizona Cardinals
Erick C a.k.a. “Kruz” – JFF Kansas City Chiefs
Haywood W. a.k.a. “Haywood” – JFF Cincinnati Bengals
Jody M. a.k.a. “Musashi” – JFF Oakland Raiders
John A. a.k.a. “Jon Jon” – JFF San Diego Chargers
Joshua S. a.k.a. “Josh” – JFF Miami Dolphins
Kedren P. a.k.a. “Top Dawg” – JFF Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kory G. a.k.a. “Kory” – JFF Cleveland Browns
Michael P. a.k.a. “Cadillac” – JFF San Francisco 49ers
Marques J. a.k.a. “Que” – JFF Philadelphia Eagles
Timothy D. a.k.a. “Tim Dog” – JFF Green Bay Packers

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JFF Power Rankings - Installment #1